The Canonn on Hutton Radio #2: Detective Shaw learns more 14

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The first appearance of the Canonn on Hutton Radio introduced us to Detective Shaw, a PI looking for a mystery.

While playing with his wireless, he tunes into a, mildly hysterical, conversation between Dr Arcanonn and his trusty assistant, Ms Featherstone, about the eponymous Unknown Artefacts.

Well, Detective Shaw is now becoming addicted to the story of the Canonn, and the Artefacts that we so doggedly research.  He’s sniffing a mystery here, something he can get involved in; a dame to save.  Like a dog with a bone, he just can’t let it go.

This second instalment sees Shaw uncover more mysteries about the UA, and offers up a couple of treats for those who have sharp ears 😉



What will happen next?  Tune in next time to find out!

Once again, this episode was brought to you by the incredible vingtetun of Hutton Orbital Radio and Hutton Orbital Truckers (responsible for the Galactic Intrepid Mug Proliferation Project), ably assisted by Ms Featherstone, of course.

Oh and a special mention should go to our very own XBox hero: DolphinRapture, who provided some of the sound effects for this ad.  One, in particular, caused him no end of grief in obtaining it – but his efforts were most worthwhile 🙂


Listen to Hutton Orbital Radio on this Thursday 19th (from around 8:30 GMT) and you might just hear this and the first radio spot broadcast live! 🙂

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