Issues with forums access

Hi everyone!

Writing this as a post, because if I do it as a forum topic, then it’ll kinda be pointless for those that actually need to read it!

Firstly – a warm welcome to anyone registering, especially as a result of watching the Educating Ed episode, or following the other UA/Barnacle madness!

Words cannot express how grateful we are for the positivity we’re getting; it’s just amazing to see how many other CMDRs there are with a passion for tin foil!

Right, on to business.

When you first register for the site, you will only be given access to the ‘Start Here‘ forum

The idea is that you post in the ‘Start Here’ forum with a post saying who you are etc (go RP if you want, we love that kind of thing; but otherwise you can ‘keep it real’, too!), and then someone, possibly me, will grant you access to the rest of the site.

Oh, and you’ll also possibly get a nice chunk of ‘hi!’ responses from the lovely people already in the group.

It doesn’t always work

Sometimes, however, and I’m really not sure why, new users don’t get the correct permissions to see the ‘Start Here’ forum, which kinda breaks the whole process!

But we can fix it!

If you’re reading this, and in the footer of the page, you don’t see a ‘Forums’ section of links, then this could be you.  If that’s the case – fire us an email at and we can get the problem fixed asap 🙂

Cheers, CMDRs


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