The Canonn on Hutton Radio #3 – Shaw gets the lowdown 6

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Following on from Episode #1 and Episode #2 of Detective Shaw’s adventures with Dr Arcanonn and Ms Featherstone Hutton Orbital Radio have produced the fantastic continuation of the story, in which Shaw finally gets to meet the Dr, Ms Featherstone and their dogsbody, Tjaart.

Like a well-known hair product commercial, this is the science bit – but Shaw seems interested in only one thing, whilst Dr Arcanonn is bemoaning the lack of computer hardware in his lab after he gave it all away to the Obsidian Orbital effort.

And new discoveries are made, too!

Listen to episode #3 now!

If you’re a regular listener to Hutton Orbital Radio you’ll hear it in rotation, too 😉

Update: There were a few technical hiccups on the night – possibly caused by someone selling UAs at Hutton Orbital (naughty!)

As with all previous episodes, we have to thank CMDR Vingtetun, and the wonderful Ms Featherstone for putting so much time and effort into this!


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6 thoughts on “The Canonn on Hutton Radio #3 – Shaw gets the lowdown

    • LordZoltan Post author

      Just think: an hour and a half of SC to take it there, though…

      That was exactly what Vingtetun said: ‘who’s been selling UAs at Hutton Orbital?’, so I’m just stealing his line, to be fair 😉

      • Dolphinrapture

        UAs to Hutton orbital? Gotta admit, I have respect for any who makes that pain staking trip just to sell UAs. Even so, why sell them at Hutton? There’s plenty of other stations they can sell to, thousands are closer as well, lol

  • Vingtetun

    Well. Stunning coincidence. 5 minutes before qed were due to go live, and broadcast episode 3, the sound board caught fire, my microphone exploded, Psykokow experienced mysterious sciatic pain and we had a spooky echo…..

    Simoof had to take over the broadcast from studio 2. The script vanished. The bong machine failed.

    Once we had broadcast the mysterious signal in the episode all was cured.

    Coincidence? Sabotage? Can we blame the code? The UA?

    • LordZoltan Post author

      There are some dark goings-on around this whole thing, and it seems our game masters are not above reaching out through the fourth wall to cause RL issues for us all.

      Blame MB and his army of hellish imps for everything!