Overdue Homecoming 2

News reached Varati today of the imminent return of a rescue mission dispatched by Dr. Arcanonn to save Commander Shannon Day. Months ago news reached the Canonn Interstellar Research Group that Commander Day had been found by Explorer Josh Hawkins. No times was wasted, Dr. Julian McCoy and Commander Bowen The Kotoc were immediately dispatched with the mission to return her safely to Varati.

Early this week the rescue team met with Josh Hawkins and, shortly thereafter, Shannon Day was successfully revived. Dr. Julian McCoy, in a communique to Thompson Dock, reported Commander Day was in good health after the revival procedure. The rescue team is due back within the week and celebrations are being planned at the station.

All are welcome to attend the celebration of Shannon’s return. Despite no threats having been made station security has insisted that all guests submit to a mandatory screening before being granted access to the celebration. Multiple checkpoints will be set up and guests are encouraged to arrive earlier with proper identification.

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