The ‘Tip Off’ (updated) 22

Just completed a delivery mission to Bosch Relay in Yoruba from Varati.
Just another day.

Then out of the blue came an email ‘Tip Off’ regarding a ship lost some 250+ LY away. Interesting.

The hunt is on!



Off I go!


Time to test out the new FSD mod that Elvira made.


Not her best work, she seems to have messed up the fuel injectors to deliver less fuel, but can pull almost 2 cutters, so 24LY jumps here I come.


And if the oven ever breaks, I can cook dinner on the heat relay. Nice.


A few jumps later…


I was not expecting 3 T9 wrecks and 2 Annacondas to be at those co-ordinates.

Protected by Skimmers and an Eagle as well!


Any rumours about a video of me trying to shoot 4 skimmers with a Class 4 multi-cannon from a Cutter, 200 m from the ground while the turrets took on an Imperial Eagle are wildly exaggerated. Cough.


One T9







Scan the data port, OK I wonder what the message says.


‘Mayday’ well, could have guessed that, after all there are 5 crashed ships. ‘Dangerous cargo’ hmmm, cant see that, all I can see is food cartridges.



Worth just under 1 mil! Covers the fuel, and the 1/2 clip of ammo.


Another T9


Lets explore a bit more


Just another day…


So, CMDR Irongut recieved a ‘Tip Off’ as well. Completely unrelated to mine.


Crash sites were…
System: Wattunukam
Body: A 6 a
Lat / Long: -13.60 / 87.07
Ship: Sidewinder
Data Value: 1.4m


Time for some science!


So I went to CMDR Ironguts’ co-ordinates.


After a number of days, the sidewinder is still there, and still smouldering.





Just another day…


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