Ancient ruins discovered 24

After working on a few frames of grainy video, and analysing star positions, reports arrived that scientists were close to a breakthrough in triangulating the position of some ancient ruins. Focus was shifted to the Synuefe Sector as a general location for these ruins.


This was following the work of CMDR Tiayviel and his initial triangulations to Synuefe, and then CMDR XDeath who triangulated the exact system and moon, and then found the ruins. Sterling work CMDRs!



As always with the Canonn, the discovery was openly shared with the community, and scientific investigations began in earnest. Synuefe XR-H D11-102, Planet 1 B,  -31.7877  -128.9711 was now the focus of intensive investigation, with fellow Canonn scientists rushing to help.


Reports of looters and pirates prompted scientists to bring protection, with regular figher patrols scouring the site to protect scientists on the ground during their investigations.



The first thing to strike any visitor is the scale of the ruins, with obelisks arranged in rows and various geometric patterns.
There even appeared to be what looked like a landing pad for an alien craft.
Some of the obelisks were still active, and displayed alien symbology, and a standard data link scan from the SRV has allowed data samples to be gathered.



As scientists moved around the site, they also discovered ancient artifacts, samples of which have been taken to the Canonn Research Institute, in COL 285 SECTOR IX-T D3-43 for further investigation.



Investigations of the site continue, with other scientists looking at hints of other ruins, and others trying to decipher the meaning of the symbols.



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24 thoughts on “Ancient ruins discovered

  • melkibren

    Someone with better resources than me should run a 16 or 32 bit decryption code on the symbols that appear on the obelisks, theres something bugging me about it, especially the pauses. I tried hand decoding it a bit last night and came up with a few oddities, but the amount of symbols requires a computer to crack. Also, I have no catalogued all of the obelisks to see if there were different patterns.

  • Artimustau

    Has anyone tried activating an unknown probe at this site? These seem to be two different forms of technology (one is bio-engineered, this seems crystal based) but we might get more info from one or both.

  • Neuratox

    has anyone else noticed a strange similarity to the shape of the spectral image from the the Unknown Probe and the layout of these ruins? I’ve looked at the two things again and again and I swear it seems like the same shape if you focus on what appears to be the main portion of the ruins. You can line up the straight line coming out of the center and the two semi parallel lines of the spectral analysis image of the probe with the major walls (?) of the ruins. The circle is there too. What are your thoughts?

    • Neuratox

      As a side note, I wondered if the Unknown probes acted like the unknown artifacts, scanning something then relaying the message. Part of me was thinking that maybe the UP had scanned this place, when we analyze the probe we then can see what it last scanned or something. If so then we could assume that the probe originated from a location in a line beyond the ruins and where we find the probes. This is all just speculation. I’m pretty far away from this region.

      • Mister Woohoo

        I’m noticing the same thing. If the alien ruins site is a map, perhaps the spectral image is the legend? I’m currently parked in the centre of the large landing pad, staring straight down the berm line. With the structure, it almost looks like I’m staring down the barrel of a gun, aiming just over the horizon at some stars.
        My theory – the spectral image indicates a time for being at this exact location, which will point to a location of interest…

  • Nebohtes

    Has anyone discovered if there is any meaning in the repeating pattern on the obelisks? It’s a 4 second loop, with at least 5 significant pauses, but I can’t make any sense of it.

  • Fox Carignan

    Has anyone noticed that, with the ancient relics active and when looking from above, they have similarity to a constellation? The relics seem to be placed in no particular location within each area of the ruin. My only thought is that they are placed in relation to each other, instead. Which could mean a star formation?

  • Neuratox

    I finally left the comfort in my home in Gilya and made my way to Synuefe XR-H D11-102 to visit the ruins with CMDR BadWolf88. Together we explored them in awe and began to collect samples and take recordings. When we finally had the opportunity to analyze some of these things we found something rather intriguing… the audio recordings taken from unscanned obelisks at the ruins had been tagged for investigation of the “breathing” noise once within close proximity, contained more. Though the world around us was entirely silent, hidden under the layers of what we had initially begun to analyze, was a song of sorts. Unfortunately, at this point our technical expertise had reached its end and we were left utterly useless. That is why we have delivered this message and the following files to the Canonn Interstellar Research Institute, in hopes that our fellow collaborators may possess the skills necessary to isolate the song behind the breathing and analyze it. We suspect that this settlement is from a forgotten, or lost colonization attempt that originated from Sol, as the ruins themselves face the Sol system (with some degree of angle). With that being said, it is likely that the inhabbitants may have been familiar with musical cryptograms. At least, that is our hope. Please let us know if any of you is capable of undertaking this task, and if so, what the results may be. We do however ask for last authorship on any papers that may be published as a result of your findings.
    Embedded Files (encrypted – Use Canonn Decryption ——-)

  • Amure

    Just posting this here if it helps anybody crack the mystery of the obelisk patterns. After some careful analysis i copied the patterns from one of the obelisks when the pattern freezes for 1.2 seconds, you can see the image here I did note that the there are 36 triangles and its one of the natural numbers and also a triangular and hexagonal number what the whole pattern consists of. I belive there is some math to this but i cant grasp what i could be

    • SliderBlackrose

      I’ve been pondering myself. I noted that in the first ruin site, all of the alien relic towers had patterns of triangles along the bottoms, same configuration on each per side. Then you note that the obelisks are also configurations of triangles. The #3 site has a varied number of configurations, including some that have outer “walkways” connecting them. I’ve yet to get it all sussed out,

    • SliderBlackrose

      I just looked over your screen cap, and then back at my notes on the first ruin site. I was right. Your positive frames reference match the sides of the pillars. I’m going to digging into this more, I’m thinking there’s something there, and if not, it’s a fun rabbit hole to jump into.

  • C_D_Holder

    Date: 17/01/3303.

    Time: 14:26.

    Im beginning to believe the ruins are a map, I also believe we are looking at it all wrong.

    The sun is rising, goto about 800M above the ruins with the sun behind you, then look down upon the site.

    Both site’s B and sites E are facing away form each other with site E pointing towards the sun at dawn and site B at dusk.

    Now look at it as a map with site B as north and site E as south!

    The beacons are not placed at random locations, infact the opposite I believe that they represent stars, four stars an alignment.

    • SliderBlackrose

      I’ve seen the probes/UAs do this, but I tooled about the galaxy for a while with the orbs/caskets/spheres and never had a hint of scratched paint.

  • SliderBlackrose

    I know this has probably been asked to death, but with the size of Cannon I can’t find an answer anywhere:

    I recently picked up an UA and popped about to try and get to the third set of ruins. Sadly, my cargo hatch blew out about 5 minutes out. Is there any research being done on someone taking a Probe or Artefact and heading to the ruins?

  • HairballHacker

    Hi. Just joined the Cannon. Anyway, I have been driving around the ancient ruins. I am new to this so maybe someone else has noticed this, but some of the ancient relics (look like pylons with glowing crystals on their tops) are buried and emerge from the ground when you drive your SRV near them. I bet if we can find all of the buried pylons and activate them that something interesting might happen in the ruins. I have found two already and know their coords. Let me know if you want them.