Alien Crash Site #3 discovered 6

Just as news outlets reported the second find, a third crash site was discovered!
This find was the result of a large collaborative effort to follow and decode multiple clues, leading to the location and subsequent discovery on the 5th November 3302
HIP 17403 A 4 A (-34.9831,-141.4127)

Unregistered comms beacons in Sol, Lave and Eravate broadcasted messages, indicating to listen at particular locations and times.
Listening at the specified times, two further sets of data were intercepted. These were worked on by Canonn Scientists in association with a number of other Commanders, and revealed to be a nonogram of an unknown system, drawing attention to planet 4C.

The initial data appeared corrupted, until another unregistered beacon appeared in the Canonn home system, broadcasting another message.
This ‘small step’ led investigators to the Sol system. Here another beacon revealed the missing part of the message leading to the system San Tu.
At this location, a prevouusly unseen scientific research station was discovered with yet another beacon! With so many now intrigued by this, it was soon deciphered into a system and planet description, with longitude and latitude co-ordinates.
With the location now known, many Commanders rushed to HIP 17403 A 4 A
Along with the crashed alien ship, there were a number of familiar craft, Anaconda and T9 wrecks, showing battle and physical damage from unknown weapons.

Among the wreckage, standard cargo cannisters were found, along with a number of active and inactive ‘Unknown Artifacts’

Scientists were intrigued to find evidence that some of the ships appeared to have been impaled by parts of the alien craft.

The discovery has stimulated even more debate among scientists, but no concrete evidence about the vessel’s origin has so far been discovered.

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6 thoughts on “Alien Crash Site #3 discovered

    • CMDR-Cruise

      The name of the system is on the article, there is a station 12 km away from it. Also a capital ship floating above it. Can’t miss. Approaching the capital will provoke them to attack you…


    Just a few quick thoughts.

    Are the alien ship and the alien artifacts of the same or similar technology bearing in mind that recent lore circa 3302 mentions kalaxians and orresrians?

    Is it at all possible that the alien artifacts are of different origin to the ship and caused the demise of the alien ship?

    And considering that the other ships were carrying food supplies could it not also be remotely possible that they were supplying the aforementioned ship rather than being attacked by it.