Forums working again 1


So we started getting reports from people saying they couldn’t access the forums.  This is a common issue when you first register, but it actually turns out that something had blown the forums up completely because even I couldn’t get in there!

Anyway, I’ve done a bit of poking and prodding, kicked it a few times, doused it in Martian meths and set it on fire – and it seems to work again.


Sorry for the inconvenience!


Back to the hunting of the aliens everyone…


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One thought on “Forums working again

  • Dutch Foster

    I am glad that the forums are running again. I stand by the idea that the Thargoids hacked it. They don’t want us to find out where they keep their ammonia biscuits, and normally I wouldn’t blame them for stashing biscuits. In this case, I think it’s fairly safe to assume that we don’t want to eat the ammonia biscuits.