Reports of ‘Unknown Ship’ Encounters 15

Multiple commanders are reporting being pulled out of hyperspace by an unknown ship.

The first independent report was made by CMDR DP Sayre. Soon after, Canonn scientists themselves reported similar experiences, and the Pleiades became the focus of galactic attention once more.


Commanders say that during a hyperspace jump, their hyperspace conduit is destabilised, and as they return to normal space, all ship systems are disabled.

This new form of interdiction has been dubbed ‘winterdiction’ by the Canonn.


The unknown ship then approaches, it appears to perform a scan of the vessel, then leaves.

As the ship is leaving, there is a brief period where systems come online and scans can take place.
A novel portal into hyperspace is opened as the unknown ship jumps away.


At the time of writing, media outlets across the galaxy are reporting multiple encounters.


The Canonn are monitoring media sources as part of investigations, to try and determine the conditions most likely to trigger such an encounter, and to learn more about this mysterious ship, what it may be searching for, and the non-human life that may control it.


There are striking similarities with recently discovered crashed vessels, and while speculation is rife, Dr Arcannon has called upon the Canonn Council to gather in Varati. They are believed to be issuing an official statement soon.


Meanwhile, you can be assured that Canonn scientists are actively theorising and investigating these events with our usual vigour and commitment to openly sharing our discoveries.


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15 thoughts on “Reports of ‘Unknown Ship’ Encounters

  • Coloradomtnman

    I’ve jumped to the system in the video, and have spent hours exploring the Pleiades Sector without being winterdicted yet.

    I don’t have a UA because I don’t have a corrosion resistant cargo hold, but I’ve heard CMDRs have been winterdicted without UAs on board.

    C’mon unknown craft!

    Here I am, rock me like a hurricane!

  • rc_original_sigbin

    is it just me or can u see some writings projected by the yellow beam from the alien ? looks similar to the ones we have seen before .(in the video : 01:47 – 01:55 )

  • Dutch Foster

    I’ve had my folks in The Forge working on this as well. So far, commanders have determined a few things that we can say for sure:

    -The UAs and UPs are not required for the encounter, but they do seem to up the chances, how much is uncertain.
    -Weapons do not seem to affect them, much to some folk’s dismay.
    -I personally tested ECM and ADS. The aliens didn’t seem to care about my noise and light show.
    -They do have some targetable subsystems, but I think most of them show up as unknown.

    Things that we are currently testing:

    -It seemed like the alien vessel was closer in the second encounter, and farther away in the first encounter. It is unknown if the distances change with subsequent encounters. Also, it may have just been commanders totally freaking out the first time they saw it. Subsequent encounters still tend to freak out commanders, that we do know.
    -I had heard that the alien ships might be repairing the damage done from the hyperdiction, if there is any at all. I am thinking that there never was any damage, but I am going to continue to test this to be sure.

  • BKRambo

    Hey guys,

    So i visited a crash site again to see if there were any clues, and found that there was a one commodity, that was always present… Coffee. Anyways, as it seems in the interdictions that they seem to be scanning our ships looking for something, I like many others tried UA’s UP’s and Meta Alloys, but made little difference. which is why I went to the latest crash site. I picked up a UA, and got a MetaAlloy, and now have coffee on board as well. And can’t get interdicted. I have been trying of the better part of 2 hours now. I am now heading to the ruins just to see what I see there. But if anyone wants to try it, throw a ton of coffee into your hold, maybe they have a caffiene addiction lol.

  • Kurok

    It is to bad that FD decided this is not for everyone to experience, I have been trying to see this on my own every day since 1/5 but no luck yet some others get it almost instantly, kind of like they set a list of players they want this to happen to if you know what I mean. Very disappointing since there really is not much to gain from this except the experience. Oh well I guess i seen it so many times posted there really is no need to experience it I am done for I dumped my UA (if it was even needed) and I am moving on. Glad this happened to you though, gratz.

    • Mr.Dee

      I have only 1 vehicle “Cobra -3”
      I jump 18.5ly max.
      in the cargo hold of an un 1 and 1 repair kit
      after I flew into the Pleiades, 5 jumps and I met Targo ..

  • mrJacobean

    Has anyone considered that you need to be scanned by a UA in order to be interdicted? It could be that the UA beamed data to your ship and that the unknown vessel just collects the data. The possible higher chance of interdiction due to having a UA on you could also be explained as the vessel taking the data directly.

  • vincedzoll

    Hello cmdr Vincedzoll, Switzerland, membre of french community.

    I’ve just been interdicted by one of those unkown ship in Pleiades Sector EC-L B8-1. The encounter was exactly as described by the other captain.

    Ship : was an ASP Explorer unarmed
    Cargo : I was carrying 6 unknown fragment, 3 unknown ship fragment.
    Interaction : I started to interact with all those strange things only a few days ago.

    I’ve first visited the barnacle in Merope site where, I have to say, I did interact, like humans interact with new things they don’t know, by salvaging values after shooting at it.

    I’ve visited a crash site in HIP 17862 where I salvage unkown ship fragments and an UA.

    Later on, I’ve released the UA in space in order to be scan after the scan I destroy the UA by mistake (hit the UA with too much speed while attempting to scoop it).

    After that I jump less than 50 times in Pléiades sector before being intercepted.

    I don’t know if the way we interact with UA and Barnacle (badly in my case) has an influence. Personnally I won’t shoot, salvage, or damage anything coming from those strange alien. There looks like far more advance than us.


  • Innsewerants

    You can rule out barnacles and ua increasing the odds of an encounter me thinks. I had mine and I don’t even own horizons so I can’t land for any barnacle interaction, I wasn’t carrying an UA either. I was jumping from system to system within the 25ly thick ua shell when I had my encounter. My encounter occurred at Synuefai WU-M DB-73

  • SliderBlackrose

    I know this has probably been asked to death, but with the size of Cannon I can’t find an answer anywhere:

    I recently picked up an UA and popped about to try and get to the third set of ruins. Sadly, my cargo hatch blew out about 5 minutes out. Is there any research being done on someone taking a Probe or Artefact and heading to the ruins?

  • fishbord1

    Are we making contact with the founders or with AI they have created some sort of automated exploration ship or are they piloted. think about it all the alien encounters i have read about have a set all most robotic protocol Introdiction scan leave with a disintrest in furthering contact as if it was sent to check up on a probe giving off strange data only to find you and not understand how to deal with it other than a quick scan then leaving. this stuns me as any proper pilot would linger in the area and do a far more intensive study of this new found life form.