Canonnball Run 2

Organised by Wing Commander & Scientist Clarion-Z, it is a week long series of clue solving challenges, ciphers, knowledge tests, flight skills and stamina.
To test the mettle of anyone brave enough to attempt it!

The eight consecutive days of trials lead pilots to some spectacular locations, with Canonn Scientists, and new friends from other groups, rising to the challenge admirably.
NanoExplorer, Kayahr, ChronoZoggt, Post_M, Waabbit, ThePotatinator, TeamHitmarks (representing the Prismatic Knights), Runcible Shaw, Renko, CMDR Red, iamgingerbear are the pilots now inducted with honour into the collective within Canonn, that can say they passed the test of a Canonnball run.
While there were some spectacular finishes, and the competition fierce to the very end, the consistantly good performance of NanoExplorer and a few first finishes won the day, to not only win this competition, but to also retain his winning title from the last Canonnball run.
Right on Commander!

The locations for this event:
LHS 378, 1 A
Slink’s Eye, 3 B
Dain A 1, Unauthorised Installation
WISE 0855-0714, 6 E, Velho Keep
COL 285 Sector CF-X B2-4, 1 B
Luyten 205-128, Antares wreck
Epsilon Indi, Mitterand Hollow
Canopus, Rance’s Wreck, Loncke Keep
Dr Arcannon himself added his praise for the entrants.
Well done everyone who competed in Canonnball 2. Lets hope there is a Canonnball 3 in the not too distant future


With alien vessels pulling ships out of hyperspace, ruins of a previously unknown civilisation being discovered, new life forms and other mysteries to be solved, this group of pilots show that the Canonn are ready to respond to the mystery and challenges that lie ahead!



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