Canonn CG – 11th May – the Ultimate CG 26

Canonn Research Group

Calling all scientists! The “ULTIMATE” Canonn CG will take place on the 11th of May and run for one week or until completion.

It will require a lot of hauling, so get those cutters ready!

And, of course, it requires brains!

What’s it for?

We are getting CANONN FACTION DECALS……..


A Faction MEGA SHIP!!!

How will it work?

  • The CG tiers are set so the Decals will be unlocked at a given tier
  • The Gnosis (Megaship) will be unlocked at another tier
  • Subsequent tiers will add facilities to the Gnosis – Outfitting, Mission board etc. (No Shipyard sorry…)

Assuming we hit the Decal tier all contributors will be able to use the Decal AFTER the CG ends

Beyond that, Canonn-allied Pilots will be able to access the Decal at a later date. Best way to get allied is to watch out for the missions in the #Mission_faction channel on our Discord channel.

To be clear, I am not 100% clear how the allied will work, it’s a new step for Fdev and we will be testing it… doing the CG is the best option, o7

Further details

We cannot tell you where the CG will start, But LFT 37 – DARAMO – URSITOARE would be good places to put your ships ready 😉

If we are successful in the CG the Gnosis will initially be in the Pleiades and static in the area.

AFTER 2.4 is live we will be able to move the ship to suit the unfolding story and mysteries around an approved narrative.

We are breaking new ground with Fdev here, Decals available by Allied status, a Mega ship, a moving story…. So if there are hitches PLEASE be patient and feedback any issues to me (CMD Delmonte on the forums) or the council so we can coordinate with Fdev.

This has been in the pipe for over a year and the awesome Kyp Shard designed the Decal long before then. I have worked hard at pushing this through Fdev channels with the support of the council. Any queries again please contact me or the council.

Good luck commanders and CG like you have never CGd before!


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