Fellow scientists, council members, janitors.

The Canonn’s operations/antics are, as we all know, essential to the future of the galaxy.

As our esteemed Dr Arc said only recently:

Without us, humanity is doomed to live in ignorance of the universe, and the potential threats it harbours.

Without us, CMDRs who had otherwise given up on life would no longer be with us.

Without us, the future of the biscuit trade looks, well… shaky at best.

And it is with these inspiring words ringing in our ears, that I come to you, today, to request help.

Financial help.  With Earth-money.

What do you need money for?

In short:

  • The domain & DNS – because it’s a ‘.science’ domain, too, it costs a bit more than your standard domain – £25/year
  • The one mailbox we’ve setup at Fasthosts is £1.49/month
  • Hosting on Azure.  The website runs as a VM in the Azure Cloud.  At the moment it’s free because of some 100% discounting on Azure.  When the discounts expire, the site will cost roughly £10/month to keep online.
  • WordPress plugins – currently costing around £80/year to keep licensed
  • The various prizes that we issue.  Sometimes, we send out quite a few!

What do I do?

If you feel able to contribute to our cause – then all you need to do is use this button:

Contribute as much or as little as you wish – any amount that you are willing to part with will be greatly appreciated.  Please, though, do not sacrifice a UA in an attempt to raise cash, that would be a crime against science.

Although please don’t click the ‘recurring payment’ button: it doesn’t work with our PayPal account(!)

…And if I don’t want to/can’t contribute?

This is absolutely optional – there will be no favours/status granted to any member that contributes – because this faction is not about making/taking money – and never will be.  Your status within the Canonn is derived from your knowledge, wisdom, clear-mindedness and the Tin Foil Hat you wear; not on how rich you are.

So this funding drive is purely to help lighten the load on the Canonn coffers.  RP:Off – I have voluntarily paid everything so far – but have been compelled to create this donation page due to many people already asking me ‘can I chip in?’, which I find truly humbling.  I will not use this cash for anything other than paying any bills incurred.  Some of those are incurred through my own company – but if that is charged £x, or $y, then I will ‘charge’ our donation fund that same amount.

Any left over funds may be used as Prize Packs and Rewards at the discretion of the council.

 Thank you

Thank you for reading – and thanks in advance for any donation you make.