Canonnball Run 2

Organised by Wing Commander & Scientist Clarion-Z, it is a week long series of clue solving challenges, ciphers, knowledge tests, flight skills and stamina. To test the mettle of anyone brave enough to attempt it! The eight consecutive days of trials lead pilots to some spectacular locations, with […]


Reports of ‘Unknown Ship’ Encounters

Multiple commanders are reporting being pulled out of hyperspace by an unknown ship. The first independent report was made by CMDR DP Sayre. Soon after, Canonn scientists themselves reported similar experiences, and the Pleiades became the focus of galactic attention once more. Commanders say that during a hyperspace jump, […]


Forums working again

Hi CMDRs, So we started getting reports from people saying they couldn’t access the forums.  This is a common issue when you first register, but it actually turns out that something had blown the forums up completely because even I couldn’t get in there! Anyway, I’ve done a bit of […]


Alien Crash Site #3 discovered

Just as news outlets reported the second find, a third crash site was discovered! This find was the result of a large collaborative effort to follow and decode multiple clues, leading to the location and subsequent discovery on the 5th November 3302 HIP 17403 A 4 A (-34.9831,-141.4127) […]

Alien Crash Site #2 discovered

Congratulations to CMDR Denneb for finding a second alien crashed ship. The discovery was announced by the CMDR himself in an online journal of galactic science on the 2nd November 3302, who was quickly congratulated for his discovery, with fellow Canonn scientists soon surveying the site. HIP 17862 […]


Ancient ruins discovered

After working on a few frames of grainy video, and analysing star positions, reports arrived that scientists were close to a breakthrough in triangulating the position of some ancient ruins. Focus was shifted to the Synuefe Sector as a general location for these ruins. This was following the work […]

CMDR Engalo “A dark wheel in the night” (PART 11)

SYSTEM: UNKNOWN – 30 JUN 3302 Jennifer looks at Engalo… “I am a wheeler” the expression on Engalo’s face turns from restless to unbelief. “What?” Engalo leans towards the stairs railing and let’s go of Jen’s hand. Jennifer looks down; “Well, I left them… Cyraios helped me make it look like my ship got […]

CMDR ENGALO “The blue mansion” (PART 10)

SYSTEM: UNKNOWN – 30 JUN 3302 Dark gloomy corridors stretches in front of Engalo and Jennifer. Guns raised they slowly make their way down what looks to be the main corridor. Further down they see a double door, the metal floor plate groans under their feet as they approached it. A bleak light glows from […]


Canonn Educates Ed (again!)

Updated from original post which was an announcement. Prepare yourselves for science! The Canonn joined the Galactic Intern, Ed Lewis, again to take him through the latest scientific discoveries on Thursday 4th August at 7pm BST. It had even more science than the last one, and if you missed it life, […]


Dr Arcanonn Appeals for Unknown Probes

The image transmitted by the mysterious unknown probes in response to a burst from a ship’s discovery scanner is still a mystery. But, while this image occupies his teams, Dr Arcanonn believes there is also more to discover about the probes themselves.  The problem is supply: The only way we currently know to […]


So I couldn’t keep away…

Hi everyone! So a few months back I published a long, apologetic, woeful, post explaining that I was stepping down from the council and all management-related activities for the Canonn to join the normal scientist ranks. Well that didn’t last long! 🙂 While I’ve been ‘away’ I’ve still been playing and, of […]


Operation ‘Get ‘Em’

OPERATION ‘GET ‘EM’ or, THE GREAT UNKNOWN PROBE HUNT Date: Saturday 16 July Time: 13:00 to 21:00 server time (General), 15:00 to 19:00 server time (Peak). Place: Ross 47 (to begin) Venue: Canonn Comms: Discord. There comes a time in the lifetime and indeed career of every Commander where he […]

CMDR ENGALO “The black abyss” (PART 9)

SYSTEM: UNKNOWN – 30 JUN 3302 The Deptford Prize Jolts as she reenters normal space, a big blue ball of fire fills the cockpit view. “Scanning” Jennifer starts the scan procedure and steers the ship around the blue star. Blue light and shadows dancing around the cockpit. “Scan complete, I got a signal source, 127ls […]