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Canonn R&D Announces “Bifrost” Belthize

I can’t believe how good this is. You’ve done a *stellar* job on this, incredibly useful and well designed.

Decoding the Ancient Ruins TwistedHelix

Damn ! Note to self … don’t ALT-TAB and muck about with audio programs while sitting in an SRV. Oh well back to the bubble to buy a new one …

Decoding the Ancient Ruins TwistedHelix

Two things I have noticed while going around the ruins which correlate with two observations by Ram Tah are these …

“but this data you’ve uncovered makes a connection between some of the glyphs on the obelisks and the forms in the data you have provided. I believe the delta patterns could be the building blocks of a lexicon”

“The glyphs seem to be able to be combined to describe complex concepts, but could also communicate additional layers of meaning through the inclusion of movement. Each glyph is a symbol. They are more abstract than pictorial hieroglyphics, but its possible to identify a simplistic reference to the shape of the thing being described – for example, the glyph for ‘moon’ incorporates the waxing and waning as it would have appeared from the Guardians’ homeworld”

“The relationship between the audio data and the constructs, which I believe to represent their written form, Has revealed to be more complicated than I originally thought. Here is comes. This data seems to suggest that their spoken language was of a tonal form, similar to some human languages, meaning that the exact meaning of a word was determined by how it was said.”

etc ….

So I have noticed that the patterns of the changing blue glyphs on the obelisks are different on different obelisks.

I have also noticed that the obelisks contain series of harmonic tones in the audio. These also seem to be different. While the series of tones are similar, there seems to be a different variation in the loudness of certain harmonics compared to others. This correlates with a “tonal” language (such as Chinese), where the same word given different emphasis or different tone can have a completely different meaning.

I am currently recording the audio from the obelisks, I have found that there seems to be a repeating pattern of around 30 seconds, the audio increases in volume and is the clearest and loudest around the 1:30 – 2:30 mark.

It might be that if we can decipher this … or build a correlation table, that working out which obelisk requires which artifacts could be as simple as listening to them. Or reading the glyph pattern (but I have yet to start recording any video of this)

Decoding the Ancient Ruins Roen

There are 4 types of ruins.

Decoding the Ancient Ruins Roen

The sites are now shown with detailed surface scanner. No more painful “search”. Just scan the correct planet and you find the sites.

Reports of 'Unknown Ship' Encounters fishbord1

Are we making contact with the founders or with AI they have created some sort of automated exploration ship or are they piloted. think about it all the alien encounters i have read about have a set all most robotic protocol Introdiction scan leave with a disintrest in furthering contact as if it was sent to check up on a probe giving off strange data only to find you and not understand how to deal with it other than a quick scan then leaving. this stuns me as any proper pilot would linger in the area and do a far more intensive study of this new found life form.

Reports of 'Unknown Ship' Encounters CMDR Cellular

Has anyone tried releasing the UA from their cargo hatch during this encounter?

Ancient ruins discovered HairballHacker

I found four of the buried pylons. Here are the coords:





Here is a pic of their locations (blue spots are the pylons):

Ancient ruins discovered HairballHacker

Hi. Just joined the Cannon. Anyway, I have been driving around the ancient ruins. I am new to this so maybe someone else has noticed this, but some of the ancient relics (look like pylons with glowing crystals on their tops) are buried and emerge from the ground when you drive your SRV near them. I bet if we can find all of the buried pylons and activate them that something interesting might happen in the ruins. I have found two already and know their coords. Let me know if you want them.

Decoding the Ancient Ruins CMDR Richard Daystrom

Just leaving the Alien Ruins after camping out for a week. I took a flight around the site, circling wider and wider, and found a “crashed navigation beacon” not far away. I scanned it and got an intel package. I’m sure these are just randomly propagated POI’s. I went the the moon next to the planet with the alien ruins and flew facing the planet once on the surface. I found another crashed navigation beacon, again scanned it and recieved another intel packet.

Now, according to Elite Lore, and storyline, what are Sol based navigation beacons doing out this far, and why were two orbiting both the planet and the moon where aliens live, or were living.

Has Sol been out here and neglected to tell the rest of humanity?

Ancient ruins discovered SliderBlackrose

I just looked over your screen cap, and then back at my notes on the first ruin site. I was right. Your positive frames reference match the sides of the pillars. I’m going to digging into this more, I’m thinking there’s something there, and if not, it’s a fun rabbit hole to jump into.

Ancient ruins discovered SliderBlackrose

I’ve been pondering myself. I noted that in the first ruin site, all of the alien relic towers had patterns of triangles along the bottoms, same configuration on each per side. Then you note that the obelisks are also configurations of triangles. The #3 site has a varied number of configurations, including some that have outer “walkways” connecting them. I’ve yet to get it all sussed out,

Ancient ruins discovered SliderBlackrose

I’ve seen the probes/UAs do this, but I tooled about the galaxy for a while with the orbs/caskets/spheres and never had a hint of scratched paint.

Ancient ruins discovered SliderBlackrose

I know this has probably been asked to death, but with the size of Cannon I can’t find an answer anywhere:

I recently picked up an UA and popped about to try and get to the third set of ruins. Sadly, my cargo hatch blew out about 5 minutes out. Is there any research being done on someone taking a Probe or Artefact and heading to the ruins?

Decoding the Ancient Ruins SliderBlackrose

I tired. Apparently I have to go back out to a ruin I already gathered to see what’s what.

Reports of 'Unknown Ship' Encounters SliderBlackrose

I know this has probably been asked to death, but with the size of Cannon I can’t find an answer anywhere:

I recently picked up an UA and popped about to try and get to the third set of ruins. Sadly, my cargo hatch blew out about 5 minutes out. Is there any research being done on someone taking a Probe or Artefact and heading to the ruins?

Decoding the Ancient Ruins Mr.Dee

Hello all,
I found marks from relics 3(beacon) to the pyramid,
mark as triangles on the ground.

and the most interesting

object 3 – makes one rotation every 12 sec

Decoding the Ancient Ruins xxxsatellitenetxxx

there are actually 15 working obelisks, 2 are empty 13 give data, sorry to bomb your theory

Decoding the Ancient Ruins D_Harry

I also believe the ruins layout is a signpost leading to this system for the following reasons:

What we know about the ruins from observation-
We know/suspect there are 101 data downloads in total.
The ruins have 2 circular features
The exterior wall has 6 sides cutting through the 2 circular features

What we know about the 4 target systems (for stars I am classing the main bodies as per map)-
IC 2391 Sector GW-V b2-4 (4 stars, 22 planets – 11 landable)
IC 2391 Sector ZE-A d101 (3 stars, 35 planets – 14 landable)
Synuefe XO-P c22-17 (4 stars, 34 planets – 21 landable)
Synuefe ZL-J d10-119 (1 star, 48 planets – 30 landable)

My theory:

The number 101 features prominently in one system: IC 2391 Sector ZE-A d101

This system has 3 stars, however, the primary star has 6 planets (non-landable) which are the same number as the number of exterior walls.

Subsequent theories on d101: it has 2 additional stars, the ruins have 2 circular features interesting with the walls of what I will call the primary star.

The third star in this system has 9 landable planets, with 1 being the moon of the third planet. Going back to the ruins, Cluster E has 8 monoliths. Assuming we are working from the top down location wise the additional landable moon would not count in the third stars primary planets.

So now I have got down to 8 – 9 planets I need to select a viable body to search and a focus on which part of the planet. So far I haven’t worked this bit out, but I’m inclined to believe the answer comes from the solo play and the number of monoliths giving us lat & long.

Clusters C, G & H strike me as the locations on a planet as they have, respectfully: 50, 36 & 35 monoliths. The numbering sequence used can only refer to the total count observed as any numbers used by us from our own observations would not come from the puzzle designer.

To me, this is a sign that this is the main system portrayed ‘if’ the ruins are a map.

Apologies if this has already been discarded as an idea but could find nothing in the monster thread.


Canonn game menu frontend ImAShakiraholic

Awesome very cool! Are there other video/front ends like this? There should be a repository saved full these kinds of great works.

Canonn game menu frontend Turboxide

This is stunning and very creative! Bravo!

Decoding the Ancient Ruins Mr.Dee

6 feeling:
1. Ram received data from only 13 of the obelisks (13 packets Confirmation developers are “works correctly in the solo”)
2. I remember the 13 packets and one empty. (Total 14)
3. The last tip from Ram Tah – 4 systems, only one has 14 planets suitable for landing.
The system “IC 2391 Sector ZE-A d101”
4. On the map (the ruins of) two round object with incomplete rings (which can be meteorites around stars.
5. In the upper part of the ruins (azimuth of 65) – 5 planets, in the bottom 9
The big circle is the second star, the small ring the a red dwarf.
The parent star is a beacon.
6. gut feeling says: On the planet C3

look at is small ring and beacon 4 on the sky.

1. map —-
2. beacon 4 —-

Decoding the Ancient Ruins GrimSquirrel1

Hello, I am a new person on Canonn, and I am working on this right now. I have finished the solo and soon ill be working on the PG and open.

Decoding the Ancient Ruins cnschulz

Gday, noob question re the spreadsheet. Why are there 3 columns under each cargo type? I guess I dont quite understand the layout/requirements. Do some obelisks need multiple of the same item?

Reports of 'Unknown Ship' Encounters Innsewerants

You can rule out barnacles and ua increasing the odds of an encounter me thinks. I had mine and I don’t even own horizons so I can’t land for any barnacle interaction, I wasn’t carrying an UA either. I was jumping from system to system within the 25ly thick ua shell when I had my encounter. My encounter occurred at Synuefai WU-M DB-73

Reports of 'Unknown Ship' Encounters vincedzoll

Hello cmdr Vincedzoll, Switzerland, membre of french community.

I’ve just been interdicted by one of those unkown ship in Pleiades Sector EC-L B8-1. The encounter was exactly as described by the other captain.

Ship : was an ASP Explorer unarmed
Cargo : I was carrying 6 unknown fragment, 3 unknown ship fragment.
Interaction : I started to interact with all those strange things only a few days ago.

I’ve first visited the barnacle in Merope site where, I have to say, I did interact, like humans interact with new things they don’t know, by salvaging values after shooting at it.

I’ve visited a crash site in HIP 17862 where I salvage unkown ship fragments and an UA.

Later on, I’ve released the UA in space in order to be scan after the scan I destroy the UA by mistake (hit the UA with too much speed while attempting to scoop it).

After that I jump less than 50 times in Pléiades sector before being intercepted.

I don’t know if the way we interact with UA and Barnacle (badly in my case) has an influence. Personnally I won’t shoot, salvage, or damage anything coming from those strange alien. There looks like far more advance than us.


Decoding the Ancient Ruins cascadian

why is this page empty? with so much going on i thought this was the place to be. can someone point me in a direction of the good news (other then cannon thread 9 that is so hard to keep up with)

Decoding the Ancient Ruins takoller

I am interested in joining private groups to activate obelisks. I have had some luck solo that can help verify solo combinations, and I need to know where to report them. I’m not hardcore, but when I get help, I give help.

Ancient ruins discovered Mr.Dee

every 4m 20 sec there’s a movement underground through pipes

Ancient ruins discovered Bandit-1250

Relics destroyed my ship, do not leave them in your cargo hold they will kill your ship over time.

Decoding the Ancient Ruins C_D_Holder

Date: 17/01/3303.

Time: 14:26.

Im beginning to believe the ruins are a map, I also believe we are looking at it all wrong.

The sun is rising, goto about 800M above the ruins with the sun behind you, then look down upon the site.

Both site’s B and sites E are facing away form each other with site E pointing towards the sun at dawn and site B at dusk.

Now look at it as a map with site B as north and site E as south!

The beacons are not placed at random locations, infact the opposite I believe that they represent stars, four stars an alignment.

Ancient ruins discovered C_D_Holder

Date: 17/01/3303.

Time: 14:26.

Im beginning to believe the ruins are a map, I also believe we are looking at it all wrong.

The sun is rising, goto about 800M above the ruins with the sun behind you, then look down upon the site.

Both site’s B and sites E are facing away form each other with site E pointing towards the sun at dawn and site B at dusk.

Now look at it as a map with site B as north and site E as south!

The beacons are not placed at random locations, infact the opposite I believe that they represent stars, four stars an alignment.

Alien Crash Site #3 discovered cascadian

sorry i did not read it all durp…

Alien Crash Site #3 discovered cascadian

thank you so much for sharing this information. my question is what information did you use to find it?

Decoding the Ancient Ruins Shockbot

Nope, but I hope we will find something in the future 😉

Decoding the Ancient Ruins Cavindar

Just thinking but has there been any other outpost found, other than this one ????

Decoding the Ancient Ruins Cavindar

Found this on reddit, it been helpful

Decoding the Ancient Ruins C_D_Holder

Day two, or is it three! Strange things are happening here at the ruins! 18:00 I was about to scan obelisk 7 as my friend Cj was scanning obelisk 8, on completion of his data scan I unlocked Biology-Research 12/20… All I know is I’ve spent over 40 hours on this and it’s not the first time we’ve encountered this, yesterday as I was moving my python to obelisk 1 I uploaded tec 10, bio 9, tec 7 as I was on the move.

I wonder if other Canonn researchers have experience this… Running out of peppermint crunch!

Decoding the Ancient Ruins Cavindar

Here is the Map image

and here is a spread sheet that a very good bunch of CMDRs are working on

Best of luck

Decoding the Ancient Ruins Cavindar

Been there for the last 3 days at the Ancient ruins and only unlock 9

Decoding the Ancient Ruins C_D_Holder

I’m on day 3 now, I’ve unlocked 13! It could be day two.

Decoding the Ancient Ruins C_D_Holder

First day of research into the alien ruins and ten decoded so far. I’m at a lost, as I’ve unlocked seven by simply flying over the site with the five items on-board my ship. I’m bedding down for the night and will continue tomorrow.

How many have I left to uncode?

The mission money will buy my conda so I can continue my findings, this alien ship worries me it’s looking for something.

Reports of 'Unknown Ship' Encounters mrJacobean

Has anyone considered that you need to be scanned by a UA in order to be interdicted? It could be that the UA beamed data to your ship and that the unknown vessel just collects the data. The possible higher chance of interdiction due to having a UA on you could also be explained as the vessel taking the data directly.

Decoding the Ancient Ruins Kurok

Well so it now seems that this mission might not be attainable in solo play, even though it has not been confirmed by FD that it can or cannot I am taking my self out. I have spend the last 4 days playing in the ruins and it seems it might just have been for nothing, I have unlocked 13 out of 15 obelisks and cannot get the last 2 unlock and now I think i know why. Unfortunately the only reason I was drawn to this game was the fact that solo play experiences the exact same as open so i though, I don’t know. But I refuse to play in open for I only play solo or in the PVE group.
If I want aggravation I will go back to WoW or start playing EVE or any other annoying MMO with a PVP mechanism.

So thank you all for chiming in this post, have fun and enjoy! I am going to go back and unlock the rest of the engineers that are pending and make some credits.

Decoding the Ancient Ruins Kurok

Hi All,

Great fun, thank you for the info on the possible secret base. I am confused since I am new to this game. This site “The Canonn Research Group” and the forum post here:

Are one and the same??!?

Decoding the Ancient Ruins CrystalBeef


Does anyone have the link for the map provided by this website? I cant for the life of me find it.


Decoding the Ancient Ruins CallistoLivingstone

Okay so scrapping my old map in favor of the New Map provided by Someone here as some obelisks only come to life in Open or when large amounts of people are there.

Going to have to do daring Runs in Open amidst the massacres that are taking place here. Either that or get into a group. But tomorrow I need to make a brand new sheet with all the zones and numbers of obelisks.

Oh boy this is going to be a long one!

Decoding the Ancient Ruins M. Delaroux

A few links which helped me get the first 13 data packages are these:

Spreadsheet containing combinations:

Kal’s map which the above spreadsheet refers to:

Those two links are all you need to get the first 13 data packages.

Here’s a couple more maps which I found interesting/helpful:
Rabbid’s map:
Zenith’s map:

Now, from what I’ve heard there’s some obelisks which can only be used while inside Open Play or Private and with other players. The reason for this has yet to be found though, I think. I’d suggest you keep an eye on this thread for more information and continuous updates:

Good luck CMDRs!

Decoding the Ancient Ruins CallistoLivingstone

SO spending lots of time in my Eve Online days I made spreadsheets… Well I did the same here with all possible combinations, so far… at the current site available NO single Item in cargo hold gets the response needed.

Here is my finding so far!

Also Map I am using

It’s rather clear there are more sites that need finding. there is not enough combinations yielding results here.

Decoding the Ancient Ruins Reni

The different kinds of entries I’ve found are historical (21 entries), language (21 entries) and biological (19 entries). If it’s blind luck that gets you these decryptions then FDev hates us D:

Decoding the Ancient Ruins Clarion-Z

Going to do that in near future. Just need to get couple other tasks out of the way first 🙂

Decoding the Ancient Ruins CallistoLivingstone

Currently there Myself, Gathered all the relics, and having a very hard time knowing or trying to find the combinations.

Not sure if there is a pattern or blind luck..

Anyone else had any luck with this?

Decoding the Ancient Ruins DarkShadowLYNX

I have no idea what CIEP is, if you want to see the beacon for yourself it’s in the Soontill system, which isn’t far from Deciat. You’ll see it on your navigation panel as soon as you enter Soontill.

Decoding the Ancient Ruins DarkShadowLYNX

I can’t seem to post the screenshot but this is the exact message:

Secret Base

Tourist spot 0508

This is rumoured to be the site of the CIEP base. Some stories claim a combined Human-Thargoid project took place here.

Decoding the Ancient Ruins dunpealhunter

Did you make a screenshot of that text? can you post it here?

Decoding the Ancient Ruins DarkShadowLYNX

Cmdrs in relation to the alien ruins I’ve just come through the Soontill system and stumbled across a tourist beacon 0508 which mentioned a supposed secret base that was supposedly built by both humans and thargoids. I flew down to some of the planets/moons in the system for a brief check but came up empty handed. This might be something to consider in regards to the overall research of the thargoids! o7

Reports of 'Unknown Ship' Encounters Mr.Dee

I have only 1 vehicle “Cobra -3”
I jump 18.5ly max.
in the cargo hold of an un 1 and 1 repair kit
after I flew into the Pleiades, 5 jumps and I met Targo ..

Decoding the Ancient Ruins Dutch Foster

I am getting ready to dive into that right now, I think.

Reports of 'Unknown Ship' Encounters Kurok

It is to bad that FD decided this is not for everyone to experience, I have been trying to see this on my own every day since 1/5 but no luck yet some others get it almost instantly, kind of like they set a list of players they want this to happen to if you know what I mean. Very disappointing since there really is not much to gain from this except the experience. Oh well I guess i seen it so many times posted there really is no need to experience it I am done for I dumped my UA (if it was even needed) and I am moving on. Glad this happened to you though, gratz.

Reports of 'Unknown Ship' Encounters BKRambo

Hey guys,

So i visited a crash site again to see if there were any clues, and found that there was a one commodity, that was always present… Coffee. Anyways, as it seems in the interdictions that they seem to be scanning our ships looking for something, I like many others tried UA’s UP’s and Meta Alloys, but made little difference. which is why I went to the latest crash site. I picked up a UA, and got a MetaAlloy, and now have coffee on board as well. And can’t get interdicted. I have been trying of the better part of 2 hours now. I am now heading to the ruins just to see what I see there. But if anyone wants to try it, throw a ton of coffee into your hold, maybe they have a caffiene addiction lol.

Reports of 'Unknown Ship' Encounters Dutch Foster

I’ve had my folks in The Forge working on this as well. So far, commanders have determined a few things that we can say for sure:

-The UAs and UPs are not required for the encounter, but they do seem to up the chances, how much is uncertain.
-Weapons do not seem to affect them, much to some folk’s dismay.
-I personally tested ECM and ADS. The aliens didn’t seem to care about my noise and light show.
-They do have some targetable subsystems, but I think most of them show up as unknown.

Things that we are currently testing:

-It seemed like the alien vessel was closer in the second encounter, and farther away in the first encounter. It is unknown if the distances change with subsequent encounters. Also, it may have just been commanders totally freaking out the first time they saw it. Subsequent encounters still tend to freak out commanders, that we do know.
-I had heard that the alien ships might be repairing the damage done from the hyperdiction, if there is any at all. I am thinking that there never was any damage, but I am going to continue to test this to be sure.

Reports of 'Unknown Ship' Encounters rc_original_sigbin

is it just me or can u see some writings projected by the yellow beam from the alien ? looks similar to the ones we have seen before .(in the video : 01:47 – 01:55 )

Forums working again Dutch Foster

I am glad that the forums are running again. I stand by the idea that the Thargoids hacked it. They don’t want us to find out where they keep their ammonia biscuits, and normally I wouldn’t blame them for stashing biscuits. In this case, I think it’s fairly safe to assume that we don’t want to eat the ammonia biscuits.

Ancient ruins discovered Amure

updated image

Reports of 'Unknown Ship' Encounters Coloradomtnman

That’s kinda what I was thinking. Where did you pick up the UA, Inazama?

Reports of 'Unknown Ship' Encounters Amure

I jumpped around for 3 hours and didn’t get interdicted. but picked up a UA and 2 jumps later Bam!

Reports of 'Unknown Ship' Encounters Coloradomtnman

I’ve jumped to the system in the video, and have spent hours exploring the Pleiades Sector without being winterdicted yet.

I don’t have a UA because I don’t have a corrosion resistant cargo hold, but I’ve heard CMDRs have been winterdicted without UAs on board.

C’mon unknown craft!

Here I am, rock me like a hurricane!

Ancient ruins discovered galaxy23

FYI scooped cargo (Legal Salvage)a few items

Reports of 'Unknown Ship' Encounters Virgile Foret

I want to be part of the investigation. Is there any organised search or something?

Ancient ruins discovered Amure

Just posting this here if it helps anybody crack the mystery of the obelisk patterns. After some careful analysis i copied the patterns from one of the obelisks when the pattern freezes for 1.2 seconds, you can see the image here I did note that the there are 36 triangles and its one of the natural numbers and also a triangular and hexagonal number what the whole pattern consists of. I belive there is some math to this but i cant grasp what i could be

Ancient ruins discovered Neuratox

I finally left the comfort in my home in Gilya and made my way to Synuefe XR-H D11-102 to visit the ruins with CMDR BadWolf88. Together we explored them in awe and began to collect samples and take recordings. When we finally had the opportunity to analyze some of these things we found something rather intriguing… the audio recordings taken from unscanned obelisks at the ruins had been tagged for investigation of the “breathing” noise once within close proximity, contained more. Though the world around us was entirely silent, hidden under the layers of what we had initially begun to analyze, was a song of sorts. Unfortunately, at this point our technical expertise had reached its end and we were left utterly useless. That is why we have delivered this message and the following files to the Canonn Interstellar Research Institute, in hopes that our fellow collaborators may possess the skills necessary to isolate the song behind the breathing and analyze it. We suspect that this settlement is from a forgotten, or lost colonization attempt that originated from Sol, as the ruins themselves face the Sol system (with some degree of angle). With that being said, it is likely that the inhabbitants may have been familiar with musical cryptograms. At least, that is our hope. Please let us know if any of you is capable of undertaking this task, and if so, what the results may be. We do however ask for last authorship on any papers that may be published as a result of your findings.
Embedded Files (encrypted – Use Canonn Decryption ——-)

Ancient ruins discovered Fox Carignan

Has anyone noticed that, with the ancient relics active and when looking from above, they have similarity to a constellation? The relics seem to be placed in no particular location within each area of the ruin. My only thought is that they are placed in relation to each other, instead. Which could mean a star formation?

Canonn game menu frontend Runcibleshaw

Uh, this is awesome. How did I not know about it?

Canonn game menu frontend Khonan

Excellent !
Nice Work, I’ll try it right now.

Canonn game menu frontend Dutch Foster

This is awesome. I’m totally putting it into Elite.

Canonn game menu frontend Bungalo

100% awesome, smashing work Zenith!

Alien Crash Site #3 discovered VGER STARSEED

Just a few quick thoughts.

Are the alien ship and the alien artifacts of the same or similar technology bearing in mind that recent lore circa 3302 mentions kalaxians and orresrians?

Is it at all possible that the alien artifacts are of different origin to the ship and caused the demise of the alien ship?

And considering that the other ships were carrying food supplies could it not also be remotely possible that they were supplying the aforementioned ship rather than being attacked by it.

Canonn game menu frontend Soban

Awesome, this is going to my E:D folder right away

Canonn game menu frontend Gaius

Nice work!

Alien Crash Site #3 discovered CMDR-Cruise

The name of the system is on the article, there is a station 12 km away from it. Also a capital ship floating above it. Can’t miss. Approaching the capital will provoke them to attack you…

Alien Crash Site #3 discovered ufo.mesh

Can anyone tell me what and where is ALIEN CRASH SITE #1? It’s easy to find second and third but not the first one. Thank you

Ancient ruins discovered rc_original_sigbin

can anyone post pictures frame by frame this four second loop ?
Did you watch the Arrival ? They are heptapods !

Ancient ruins discovered Nebohtes

Has anyone discovered if there is any meaning in the repeating pattern on the obelisks? It’s a 4 second loop, with at least 5 significant pauses, but I can’t make any sense of it.

Ancient ruins discovered Mister Woohoo

I’m noticing the same thing. If the alien ruins site is a map, perhaps the spectral image is the legend? I’m currently parked in the centre of the large landing pad, staring straight down the berm line. With the structure, it almost looks like I’m staring down the barrel of a gun, aiming just over the horizon at some stars.
My theory – the spectral image indicates a time for being at this exact location, which will point to a location of interest…

Ancient ruins discovered Roen

Weapon platforms, and ammo… That is what I see.

Dr Arcanonn on Unknown Probes, First Contact and Capships over Barnacles Roen

Maybe this whole message could be cleared with Fourier analysis.

Dr Arcanonn on Unknown Probes, First Contact and Capships over Barnacles Roen

This reminds me of the Smith Chart given in antenna courses where you need to tune your frequencies.

I assume that probe wants to get into a correct frequency. It points that out with this image.

Maybe the correct frequency filtered will have the data you need.

So in other words these probes send messages in certain frequency.

Ancient ruins discovered Neuratox

As a side note, I wondered if the Unknown probes acted like the unknown artifacts, scanning something then relaying the message. Part of me was thinking that maybe the UP had scanned this place, when we analyze the probe we then can see what it last scanned or something. If so then we could assume that the probe originated from a location in a line beyond the ruins and where we find the probes. This is all just speculation. I’m pretty far away from this region.

Ancient ruins discovered Neuratox

has anyone else noticed a strange similarity to the shape of the spectral image from the the Unknown Probe and the layout of these ruins? I’ve looked at the two things again and again and I swear it seems like the same shape if you focus on what appears to be the main portion of the ruins. You can line up the straight line coming out of the center and the two semi parallel lines of the spectral analysis image of the probe with the major walls (?) of the ruins. The circle is there too. What are your thoughts?

Ancient ruins discovered Artimustau

Has anyone tried activating an unknown probe at this site? These seem to be two different forms of technology (one is bio-engineered, this seems crystal based) but we might get more info from one or both.

Ancient ruins discovered melkibren

Someone with better resources than me should run a 16 or 32 bit decryption code on the symbols that appear on the obelisks, theres something bugging me about it, especially the pauses. I tried hand decoding it a bit last night and came up with a few oddities, but the amount of symbols requires a computer to crack. Also, I have no catalogued all of the obelisks to see if there were different patterns.

Ancient ruins discovered Crios X

Try Audacity. It is not that difficult. Try to get an undisturbed recording ideally when using the debug camera.

Ancient ruins discovered gimpkid

has anyone run a spectral analasys of the sounds coming from the obelisks yet? if i had any idea how to do it myself that would be my next step

Operation 'Get 'Em' TMG_nrocinu64

If i can get a group on xbox live, I’ll do it!

Farragut Battlecruiser guarding Barnacle! EAGLE 5

No kidding. I recently went back to Pleione to find my barnacle site there… Didn’t have to look that hard. Two interdictors holding stationary above the two sites…. That was different.

Barnacle status update [29 May 3302] StoneyCZ

UPDATE: i visited the barnacle site and found 2 barnacle sites ~8km close to each other both were guarded by capital ships(one was named the same as the space one) one was already harvested because it wasn’t protected but the other one is protected by a tresspass zone with 3 skimmers so it was unharvested. I hope this will help somehow(coordinates are in the chart above).

Barnacle status update [29 May 3302] StoneyCZ

When i was at Pleione system i found an imperial capital ship facing the star. I wonder what’s going on here… I’ll explore it further.

Dr Arcanonn Appeals for Unknown Probes LordZoltan

Well, it’s not just stealing (although that is the main option!) it’s also trying to find where they are ‘in the wild’. They’ve got to be *somewhere*!

Dr Arcanonn Appeals for Unknown Probes Cmdr Cahn

How can we help steal probes from the armored convoys?!

So I couldn't keep away... Crios X

It’s good to have you back.

Canonn Educates Ed (again!) Xenumaster


Canonn Educates Ed (again!) LordZoltan

Delmonte is managing this one for us, so best to chat to him.

There are some people who have already been ‘signed up’ to help – but there could be scope for more people to come in – so suggest giving him a shout in Discord 🙂

Sorry I can’t be more specific!

Canonn Educates Ed (again!) Xenumaster

Hey LZ is there anyway we can get involved? Would be awesomebto be there whilsr sciencing although appreciate the amount of planning going into these things makes that difficult!

Merope 2 A - Security Level Increased Harumodoki

Has anybody tried destroying these farraguts?

Dr Arcanonn on Unknown Probes, First Contact and Capships over Barnacles Crios X

Good to have you back from the black, Verity! Excellent interview.

Operation 'Get 'Em' CMDR Boodgie

Can u hook me up with Discord too? Not sure how or what the purpose of discord is.

Operation 'Get 'Em' Crios X

O.k. I just saw that you are not a member, yet. I will answer to your intro post with all details.

Operation 'Get 'Em' Peppery Peppers

what is the discord >.>

Operation 'Get 'Em' Crios X

No, this event has passed. However, that does not mean that nobody is hunting for UPs, anymore. I would check out the Discord. At the right time you should definitely find somebody to wing up with. You can also suggest to the OP to have another event. As far as I know, all the UPs found have expired and there should be a need to find more of them.

Unknown Artefacts - Unanswered Questions and what are we missing Crios X

This has been tried. See for example:

Unknown Artefacts - Unanswered Questions and what are we missing Peppery Peppers

what about dropping a UP next to a barnacle?

Operation 'Get 'Em' Peppery Peppers

Is this operation still active?

Operation 'Get 'Em' Dolphinrapture

I’ve never used discord, so I’m not part of the group on there. Once I get back home on wifi and not using my data, I’ll sort out some credentials for the group.

Operation 'Get 'Em' Crios X

At least we are not sneaking into somebody’s backyard. Although the Federation might think otherwise …

Operation 'Get 'Em' Crios X

Make sure to check out the Discord server. It is currently buzzing because of this discovery. The same is true for the threadnaught.

Operation 'Get 'Em' EAGLE 5

Operation Get Em? In light of recent events Operation Catch Em All would be more appropriate.

Operation 'Get 'Em' Dolphinrapture

Hey guys. It’s been a long time and a bit of a hiatus for me. Apologies for my long absence, but real life and all that gets in the way.

Anyway. I was tipped about these UPs by a buddy of mine and he linked me to a YouTube video of a chap finding one. The guy used his ADS and was shortly after hit which was possibly an EMP blast of sorts by the UP. His hud went offline for about 5-10 seconds.

I’m nearby to ross47 in a combat spec Conda and will proceed to see if I can acquire one of these and run the ADS test myself on a different ship than in the video. I don’t have the corrosive resistant racks yet. However, given the current time for me, this will be a venture sometime in the morning or afternoon tomorrow.

Again, sorry for my absence, but I can get back into the sciencey stuff now, even if I’m on Xbox, I’ll do what I can. 🙂

Now, can anyone remind me where I left my biscuit tin?

Operation 'Get 'Em' Crios X

How did it go?

Operation 'Get 'Em' Layne Vakarian

Huge Reps to whoever tidied up the OP. Thanks very much indeed o7

Operation 'Get 'Em' Layne Vakarian

Actually, when the hatch breaker is deployed the entire wing will suddenly be seen as hostile to the escorts. Hence the scooper needs to be a separate operator for this phase. On the draw away the escort side, if we get enough support I’m thinking we can pull in two wings for a single convoy. Then the ‘second’ wing can amuse themselves ramming the escorts, giving them something to think about. In the space in between, hopefully the scooper is in, out, and away before the escorts have a clue. After which it’s every man for himself and get the hell out of Dodge. The hatch-breaker shooter should only get one of those ‘on H-jump’ fines. This is important. If we want to attempt ‘farming’ these convoys for a few hours we can’t end up all being wanted by every cop in the system. hence why I don’t want us going to guns, but ramming.

Operation 'Get 'Em' Bungalo

The ramming is a wonderful idea. Escort ships don’t seem to mind this at all (unless you kill things, which we wont have to). The person who is scooping does not have to leave the wing, if they take no hostile action they will not be targeted, that being said it wont hurt if they leave the wing. The only exception is if the unthinkable happens and the python jumps and we have to chase it. Once again, very unlikely.

In this setting whoever is firing hatch breakers needs to be ready to take some heat. Or, on the opposite end of the coin, we need someone to shoot first and draw away the escort while a 2nd commander hatch breaks in relative peace.

IRL I have no clue when I’ll be on as the missus has Plans. They aren’t all day plans but they are Plans none-the-less.

Operation 'Get 'Em' Slartybarfast

Nice 7kly out at the mo sure i can get back in time, weather RL will let me or not im not sure but if i can i will be there.

The 'Tip Off' (updated) Irongut

New crash site with a UA:

There have been reports that the previous UA crash site is no longer there. I still have a mail for that one in my inbox so wil try to check it out myself

The 'Tip Off' (updated) Dutch Foster

All those type 9s and anacondas in the same spot. It kinda looks like a UA convoy went down there.

The 'Tip Off' (updated) Irongut

One from Jmanis:

The 'Tip Off' (updated) Irongut

If I can find the time I’d like to start a spreadsheet to record these crash sites but the Emperor keeps me very busy. (She’s very demanding.)

On the Formidine Rift Dutch Foster

I have once referred to the Formidine Rift as my ED crack-rock. There may not be as much story line involved with it as there is with the UA’s and the Barnacles, and I think a good part of the reason for that is because fewer players were willing to make the trek out there to explore, and the area is huge. The UAs and Barnacles have become more popular in part because of access. The progression of storyline in Elite Dangerous goes hand in hand with how much the players are interested in it and participate in it.
For me, it is particular interesting because of a lot of things… I loved the book Reclamation by Drew Wagar. I have listened to the audio version several times while exploring the black. Finding it would be like tipping the hat to Drew for writing a damn fine story. The fact that it’s a conspiracy by the Feds, Imps, and old Galcop to keep it a secret by extraordinary means just makes me want to find it even more. There is also being able to claim “I found it”, kinda like this silly K giant that I’m parked at right now. There are many K giants, but there’s only one thing to find out there in the Rift. Most of all, I want to know what it is that had an old lady scared, after having her memory of the incident wiped, which she described as worse than the Thargoids, and she claimed to be an elite pilot who fought the Thargoids.

The 'Tip Off' (updated) Clarion-Z

You stole my tip! 😀
I was so surprised to see you in there. I thought I would have to fight a cutter when I arrived. Relieved to see a fellow cannoneer instead.

The 'Tip Off' (updated) Denneb

Got one myself: HIP 14840 2 Coords: 41.10 / -68.57
A crashed intact T9 along with other large debris. The first time I got a canister of military intelligence worth of 55000 cr. Couldnt replicate this canister with relogging. The only persistent thing there is a cargo rack containing a random material. Also there was nothing to scan there. Got detailed screens if needed.

Monday Night Mayhem for 'Murca! Crios X

That was a lot of fun. Looking forward to the next one …

Monday Night Mayhem for 'Murca! Crios X

I should be able to make it!

Merope 2 A - Security Level Increased Galor Cracken

Problem with the show of force is that they have to claim jurisdiction, usually done by declaring martial law and claiming it’s to uphold piece and order. If they don’t they risk the empire intervening. Maybe the intention is to keep it on the down low, which did not work out so well, so I expect some kind of play will come soon to stake their claim.

Sofar I’ve seen 2 large anti ship turrets, 2 small anti vehicle turrets and a couple of skimmers. Nothing major. Tho the air patrols are a pain in the ass, not to mention that the capship would be enough to incinerate everything. On the other hand moving a capital ship that close to the surface where it has to climb out of the gravity to maneuver makes it a sitting duck. It makes sense form a show of force standpoint but tacticly they put their back against a wall and their feet in cement. They either don’t expect a fight or Admiral Price is a deskjockey with zero combat experience.

Merope 2 A - Security Level Increased Scaramanga

Prefer the unedited version

Merope 2 A - Security Level Increased Scaramanga

So what is the overall aim? Distract the guard and then get in with srv to scout?

Merope 2 A - Security Level Increased Scaramanga

The Federation’s show of force is a direct claim on this barnicle site and to stop it falling into the hands of another power. I doubt they understand the complexities of the alien tech.

Merope 2 A - Security Level Increased Crios X

When comparing the fortification on the Merope 2A barnacle to those of other barnacles, are there any differences? Or do the use the same models of turrets, etc. ?

Monday Night Mayhem for 'Murca! Gaius

Will try to show up for the end of it, but it’s unlikely. Monday nights I have quite a bit of RL stuff to take care of before I to sit down.

In any case, sorry in advance if I don’t make it to celebrate the day Jeff Goldblum installed malware in an alien mothership with our fellow Murcans!

Merope 2 A - Security Level Increased Galor Cracken

well frontier did publish my submitted article about them shooting my shiny asp. Tho they did shorten it a bit and removed some of the more colorful aspects. 🙂

this is my original piece (mid page):

Merope 2 A - Security Level Increased Yaseiko

At this point, it may be necessary for a counter attack. The federation does NOT have sovereignty in Merope, and if they want to try to enforce “rule by superior firepower”, I suggest we reciprocate.

A plan:
If anyone has Enhanced Performance Thrusters on Eagles or Vipers who can get to Merope, they would be excellent for luring away some of the Combat Air Patrols.
For ground defenses, an Asp Explorer can mount over 150 dumbfire missiles, and fire them 6 at a time. I’ve used this tactic to great success against high-security installations before. Hull Reinforcement and Shield Boosters recommended as it is likely you may take quite a bit of punishment.
If most of the air patrols and ground defences are taken out in quick surgical strikes, A group of combat craft may be able to force the Farragut to retreat by attacking the heat dissipation systems.

At the very least, perhaps a guerrilla strike paired with a silent running cobra or viper to scout the area more closely, could help us figure out what they are REALLY up to.

Merope 2 A - Security Level Increased isokix

Yeah, I almost got wiped out in my ASP Explorer, I had to boost out of there and hide behind a mountain. Lost my shields instantly and took hull damage down to 38% the first time i visited it.

Merope 2 A - Security Level Increased isokix

You think the Federal Navy sends it’s capital ship to farm materials for the engineers? I guess Professor Palin has some clout, but still …

Merope 2 A - Security Level Increased Galor Cracken

they don’t kid around. They made scrapmetal out of my Asp., despite my Rank in the Navy or friendly status. They neither have jurisdiction nor have they declared martial law, eho do they think they are to deploy no fly zones??? 🙂

Merope 2 A - Security Level Increased Clarion-Z

They’re just farming materials for engineers.

Monday Night Mayhem for 'Murca! Clarion-Z

What brand of beer are you talking about? 😕

Monday Night Mayhem for 'Murca! Clarion-Z

Might come take a look for a bit after nightshift 🙂
But here’s one I heard years ago…

What do you call a North American with a sense of humour?

A Canadian 🙂

Monday Night Mayhem for 'Murca! Bungalo

Huzzah! Count me in! I’ll bring the beer (and drink it myself)

The 'Tip Off' (updated) Darwin

I think there are enough reports to also add that these locations are highly likely to also contain a UA nearby, particularly the Anaconda wrecks.

Farragut Battlecruiser guarding Barnacle! Zaggy

When I entered the barnacle site earlier this day the Farragut Cruiser wasn’t doing anything and I was even able to land on it. I moved my ship to a safe distance and logged out.
After relogin I approached the Barnacle site and withour any warning a fleet of military ships arrived and destroyed my ship. I am a Chief Petty Officer of the Federal navy and protest against this unprovoked attack.

Barnacle Status Update [13 June 3302] CMDR zzz

Barnacle Status Update [13 June 3302] CMDR zzz

This one spawns MAs and has no broken spikes today: Pleiades Sector JC-U b3-2 1 -58.6949 -98.2852. It is a double barnie and I made a screenshot from round about 30 spikes or more.