Naphtha Class Tanker

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Naphtha Class Tanker

The Naphtha Class is a class of Tanker.

The class consists of a long central superstructure fronted by a command module, then with six trusses of three rows of tanks each mounted around the superstructure down the length of the ship, with a gap in the tanks in the middle; at the rear of the ship are two rotating habitat rings, the first is a single ring with three agricultural domes mounted on the inside, while the second is a dual-ring habitat. The rear of the ship has two single-engine drive modules, and a sensor pod; a conn tower is mounted at the rear of the ship in front of both engine drive modules.

The Ship Log Uplink is generally mounted on the conn tower.

Known examples of this class are:

Naphtha Class Tanker FKS-981 - The Naphtha Class Tanker designation FKS-981 is expected to be in the following system, based on the last reported flight operations plan: A number of Engineer Materials are scattered nearby, and a number of ships are in the area. A Ship Log Uplink point can be located on the hull. Deploy your ship’s hardpoints and...
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