The Guardians

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The Guardians

The Guardians

The Guardians were a technologically advanced humanoid race that colonized an area of the Orion arm before humans mastered interstellar travel. They were a strongly communal society arranged in co-operative city-states. They used a system of monoliths to share information between settlements many light-years apart. The Guardians had a strong spiritual connection to their environment, and carefully managed their impact on the world around them, maintaining a connection to their pack-hunter origins. They were highly adept at genetic manipulation and used this to modify both themselves, and their environment to improve quality of life, or to wage war. Although peaceful for the majority of their history, technological disparity gave rise to two major conflicts. The second of these was an ideological and religious war fought in response to the increasing technological advancements facilitated by artificial intelligence. Sadly the escalating automation of this war destroyed the habitat and majority of the population of the Guardians’ home world. Only now are humans discovering the remains of this once great civilization, and there are many questions left unanswered.

Archaeological Info

Guardian Sentinel Decrypting the Guardian Logs – Lore Locations - This is a set of locations for the different lore in the Decrypting the Guardian Logs mission. Combinations may also occur at other sites – but if a Lore entry requires (for instance) Orb + Relic then you can scan that at any instance of the same site layout for the same lore. There can...
Active Guardian Obelisk - Urn Casket Guardians Codex - The Guardian Codex data is a set of 28 logs (with audio) obtained via the second Ram Tah mission ‘Decrypting the Guardian Logs‘. 1/28 : Thargoid Log – Barnacle SeedingThis is very revealing. The data appears to explain why the Thargoids seeded a number of planets with barnacles in what eventually became Guardian space, millions...
Guardians Data – Language - Language Summary The Guardians used a single language across their species comprising of written, spoken and gestural forms. The only variations were in accent and regional dialect. The written language is comprised of glyphs representing whole words. These glyphs derived from their sign language, and retained characteristics of the physical form in their format, and...
Guardians Data – Biology - Biology Summary The Guardians had red skins, sharp cutting ridges on their forelimbs, small faces, and round, dark eyes adapted to bright sunlight.  The lower gravity and higher temperature on their planet meant they were taller and more slender than humans. The were more agile and resilient than us, with greater auditory and visual senses,...
Guardians Data – History - History Summary A sudden climate cooling early in the Guardians’ history meant these nomadic pack-hunters were forced to settle and develop tools and shelters. They swiftly domesticated animals for food, and had a remarkable understanding of inherited traits. This soon developed into understanding and manipulation of genetic material, culminating in the cure for many diseases,...
Guardians Data – Technology - Technology Summary The Guardians were a highly intelligent race and mastered a number of technologies. Their understanding and manipulation of genetics was far in advance of human science; they used it to eradicate disease, address environmental concerns, and create entirely new organisms for food and war. They used electromagnetic launchers both for civil purposes such...
Guardians Data – Culture - Culture Summary From a young age the Guardians were raised communally with shared values of co-operation and social responsibility. Laws were based not on individual rights but on the responsibility of the individual to the community, and each Guardian enforced and followed these laws. There was expectation for everyone to take part in the scientific,...


The Mission:

There is a mission available in-game to obtain the lore information from various ruin sites – see the Ram Tah Mission Guide.

Finding more Guardian Ruins:

There is a guide to finding new Guardian Ruins.

Canonn Ruins Tools:

New Post 2.3 Ruin tools:

Tools in Development (Partial use available, still WIP)



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