Verity Gavroche – Ursula Responds To Mystery Message

Verity Gavroche – Ursula Responds To Mystery Message

Oh she was quick to respond to our mystery sender, folks!

I’ve trimmed out the original message – hopefully the details here should be useful

==+ NoSecrets v2.0.1 Log. License expires 17th Feb 3303. UPDATE AVAILABLE +==
==+ [1041738099901098235] > Packet snoop established. P2P GUDP Packet identified. +==
==+ [1041738099901098252] > qTLS Tap OK, Auth: Mutual. Eve (v1.2.7619) is in the house +==
From: [CSO Ursula Le-Clark (Varati Ring)|Lerner Beacon|COL 285 SECTOR IX-T D3-43]
To: [_mailbox#dmVyeWNsZXZlcnlvdWhhdmV0b3dhaXRhbmRzZWU=|FireNForgetFreeMail|Sol]
Subject: Re: We are displeased
Hi X.

Okay first things first: the information is safe.  The nepotist lot, the VIU, aren't used to this kind of heat, and our man got scared, bless him.

He saw it was all going a bit Antares for them back on Forsskal and got out of there quick - that's why you couldn't get hold of him.

Before he left, though, he hid all your dodgy information inside a bunch of data packages, split them all up and gave them to a fleet of trusted couriers - who are now on their way to us.  He's also on his way, too.

They're going slow, staying out of SC for the most part, to avoid attracting attention, and we're expecting the first of them to start arriving in a day or so.

So chill out, we've got this.  We're all on the same page here regarding Dr Arcanonn and the aliens, that hasn't changed.

But turns out these guys are significantly more tooled up than anyone thought!  A bunch of brainiacs with guns they may be - but they know what they're doing.

So we're gonna regroup out here in IX-T D3-43, and work out our next move.  We've still got presences in Varati with those land bases, so we'll be making a nuisance of ourselves there.

The Canonn aren't getting my front door open, though: this system belongs to us.  Out here there's no defence force to nanny their pilots - this is our home turf.  And I don't lose at home.

Oh yeah before I go - I'm assuming you lot have a hand in Palin's disappearance right?  Do give him my love.

==+ [1041738099901098336] > qTLS Tap Dropped. Eve (v1.2.7619) has left the building +==
==+ [1041738099901098336] > End of P2P GUDP Packet +==


Verity Gavroche