Generation Ship Discovery

Gen Ship Atlas

Generation Ship Atlas found

X-Box Commander Dilliam53 alerted the community to a Generation Ship named Atlas, which was a new find, at Charick Drift A. Source: Frontier Forum Originator: Cmdr Dilliam53
Cmdr Carbucketty Gen Ship Pleione

Generation Ship Pleione discovered

Cmdr Carbucketty reports on Reddit that he discovered the Generation Ship Pleione, following up a listening post lead in Puppis Sector FB-X B1-4 to arrive at Hez Ur, where he found…

Generation Ship Odysseus discovered

Another Generation Ship has been discovered, the Odysseus. Found by Cmdr DarkShadowLYNX and situated in Ross 859 in a relatively low orbit around body B1. All occupants are reported to…

First Generation Ship found

CMDRs Lexic Maise and EfilOne have found the first Generation Ship – name Lycaon. It can be found by following these steps: 1. Go to planet 10 of the Alaunus…