Unknown Artefact

Nommai Convoy Beacon

An Unregistered Comms Beacon can be found in orbit of Nommai 4. Known to transmit the following at 00 minutes past the hour, with a transmission reported at 20:00: 19…

UA and Barnacle Firefly Interaction

Unknown Artefacts and Barnacles have small firefly looking whisps of blue/green lights flying around them. What these fireflies actually are, have yet to be discovered and there are many theories about their origin and usefulness. However the link between the two objects to have a common starting point is a most common theory only boosted by the recent discovery of the large Unknown Structures and the confirmed reports of Thargoids.

Crashed Thargoid Ship (HIP 17403)

The third Crashed Thargoid Ship can be found on HIP 17403 A 4 a at -34.98, -141.41, and was discovered by following the clues beginning at the Sol, Achenar, and Gateway Numbers Beacons and…
Cmdr Wishblend Convoy UA

Happy UA Day 3303!

Can you believe, it is now two years since the first confirmed Unidentified Artefact sighting and capture! As a reminder, here are a couple of links from the now legendary…

Educating Ed – Second Edition

August 3302 The Galactic Intern joined the Canonn for a second edition for the latest about the Unknown Probes – including some interesting science around earth.

Educating Ed – First Edition

November 3301 The Galactic Intern joined the Canonn for the first time in November 3301, in the hunt and examination of Unknown Artefacts.