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Fellow scientists, council members, janitors. The Canonn’s operations/antics are, as we all know, essential to the future of the galaxy. As our esteemed Dr Arcanonn said only recently:

Without us, humanity is doomed to live in ignorance of the universe, and the potential threats it harbours. Without us, CMDRs who had otherwise given up on life would no longer be with us. Without us, the future of the biscuit trade looks, well… shaky at best.
Dr. ArcanonnCanonn Research

And it is with these inspiring words ringing in our ears, that we come to you today with a humble request for help. Financial help. With ancient Earth-money.

What do you need money for?

We like to be in a position to offer rewards to winners in group run events and competitions, and while our Members have individually contributed towards the costs of doing so, this is not an inexhaustible fund.

In addition, hosting a website such as this with the space and ability to provide all the information it contains does not come for free. We decided early on that our members deserved a rich, stable and sustainable experience and this led to our decision to use some low-level commercial options.

So in short, any donations go towards:

  • The various prizes that we issue.
  • The website domain, DNS and some low software and hosting costs.
  • Our databases and application servers.
What can I do?

If you feel able to contribute to our cause – then all you need to do is use this button to give a donation via PayPal:

Contribute as much or as little as you wish – any amount that you are willing to part with will be greatly appreciated.

Funds gathered are maintained by Cmdr Lady Outspan on behalf of the Council, and can only be allocated towards something by majority Council vote.

And if I don’t want to/can’t contribute?

Please be assured that this is absolutely optional – there will be no favours/status granted to any member that contributes – because this group/faction is not about making or taking money – and never will be.

Your status within the Canonn is derived from your knowledge, wisdom, clear-mindedness and the Tin Foil Hat you wear, not on how rich you are. Contribution is entirely at your discretion.

Any donations received are purely to help lighten the load on the Canonn coffers. We are a not-for-profit gaming community centred around the mysteries of Elite Dangerous.

Any leftover funds are carried forward towards additional competition prizes and rewards.

Thank You

Thank you for for taking the time to read this – and thanks in advance for any donation you may choose to make.