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Research Notes is where we publish items of interest and developing ideas from Canonn commanders that are not yet suitable for incorporation into the Codex either due to the amount of conjecture and uncertainty or their speculative nature. Have a read through the articles here and discuss and expand on them with fellow Canonneers in our Discord server.

For a chronological view of events and discoveries, visit the Canonn Timeline in the Lore pages.

Department Heads: Starbeaver

Phasing Multi-Cannon

Abstract During Disrupt Azimuth’s Resource Campaign commanders who supported it were able to get as reward a unique weapon: pre-engineered multi-cannon with phasing experimental effect.The last part is what we would expect to be “unique” since there is no other in-game way to make phasing multi-cannons. But it was found out that phasing is not…

Thermal Conduit vs. Premium Ammunition on Plasma Accelerators

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Abstract Among combat pilots there was no consensus regarding the experimental effect Thermal Conduit (TC) bonus damage for Plasma Accelerators (PA): some were told its bonus is based on default (unengineered) weapon stats. At the same time: the same thought was regarding premium ammunition bonus damage. Both questions above lead us to the last one:…

Reverberating Cascade Effect on Shield Generators

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Abstract The reverberating cascade effect, only applicable to the Torpedo Pylon and Mine Launcher hardpoint weapons (at time of posting), is known to overload shield generators when they strike the shield of a target, damaging the generators directly and eventually destroying them with enough successive hits. However, no information into the exact amount of damage…

Unidentified Interstellar Anomaly

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Project Cotton Eye An ongoing investigation into the nature of the Unidentified Interstellar Anomaly. Please note that the information is provided by a large number of participants and much has been left out until it is prepared for publication. If the is any information or methodology that you would like access to then please ask…

IEA Helium-Rich Gas Giant Guide

CMDR Arcanic of the Independent Explorers Association has produced a guide to Helium Rich Gas Giants, reproduced here with permission. IEA can be found on Twitter and Discord The live document is availabe in the cloud What is an HRGG? The Helium-Rich Gas Giant, aka “HRGG” (which we will refer to them as from now…

The Road to Exobiology Elite V

by JJGoldberg It was a bumpy, long and windy road. Inefficient at points, because of sheer ignorance and sometimes cockiness. Exhilarating sometimes, exhausting for sure! But we got there before anybody else. It all started May 19 3306 . With all the problems being reported in the galaxy at that time, I decided to just…

The Use of Weapons

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Commander SovereignWinter has compiled a database of ship weapons. The database lists the key parameters, damage, energy, heat, etc. of all 7,090 shipboard weapons of all classes, sizes, types, G5 engineering, and experimental effect combinations to better inform your loadout decisions. You can visit the sheet at

Research Limpets

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Commander SovereignWinter with the help of Crimshadow, Grimscrub, Dr. Strange, and Cometborne has put together this guide to research limpets. Images provided by Scopelx, SlashMatrix and LCU No Fool Like One A Brief History of Limpets Limpets are disposable, consumable, drones developed by Manticore. They are incredibly versatile such that any limpet can be programmed…
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The Canonn Method

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What is the Canonn method I hear you ask? Well, it is nothing more than the scientific method that underpins all good science. That and gallons of gin and mountains of biscuits. The scientific method is a process for designing experimentation that helps us to unravel the secrets of the galaxy.  The overall process involves…

Testing Professor Shaw’s Hypothesis

Testing Professor Shaw’s Hypothesis on the Thargoid homeworld CMDR’s Proasek, WyldxPhoenix, DudleyBose IV Abstract: On the seventh of April 3304, Professor Cora Shaw of the Palin Institute published a speculative paper recounting the current theories on Thargoid origins. Of these hypotheses one has been selected as the most practically tested, that the Thargoid homeworld is…