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The Xeno-Technology Department focus on the technological advancements of alien species through their weaponry, communication systems, computing technology, and military advancement – we study the very technology their species is built on in order to create awareness. We understand how their technology is used, so if needed how we can counteract that technology.

For a chronological view of events and discoveries, visit the Canonn Timeline in the Lore pages.

Department Heads: Dr Strange, Clarion-Z


The Kingfisher

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The Kingfisher is a megaship that can be found in Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1. It was attacked by Thargoids on 24 NOV 3308 when it attempted to intercept in incoming Interstellar Anomaly as part of an initiative of the Thargoid Advocacy Project initiated on 20 OCT 3308. There are three message logs (with audio) along…

Unidentified Interstellar Anomaly

Project Cotton Eye An ongoing investigation into the nature of the Unidentified Interstellar Anomaly. Please note that the information is provided by a large number of participants and much has been left out until it is prepared for publication. If the is any information or methodology that you would like access to then please ask…
Thompson Dock

Canonn Tour

Cmdr Content created a expedition to represent Canonn in an HCS Voicepacks competition This route provides 17 destinations rich with the lore of the Galaxy. Most of these destinations focus on our xeno friends, the Thargoids, and our efforts to hide and eradicate them. Varati: Varati has been the start of many expeditions, both local…

Desperately Seeking Stronzini

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At 17:01 on the 18th December 3306 the Canonn alert server received a message from the ship of Commander Stronzini informing us that the FSS Scanner had detected a Threat 0 Non Human Signal source in Musca Dark Region PJ-P b6-1. This is a significant find because Threat Zero Non Human Signal sources have not…
Thargoid Site

Thargoid Site Survey


This study produces a photographic record of all Thargoid surface structures and an analysis of the structures above the surface. The analysis is used to form the basis of a new way of classifying the sites to facilitate further study of the surface sites.

Crashed Scout 3

Crashed Scout #3

This scout was the third found. It is on Arietis Sector ZE-A d75 Planet 10 A, find it by using the Detail Surface Scanner on the planet to reveal a marker in the Navigation Panel called ‘CRASH SITE’. The site is at the base of a mountain range and contains the scout (which can be…

Eagle Eye Week 11 : Have we missed the point?

We’re now well into week 11 of following the Eagle Eye transmissions to sites of Thargoid interest. CMDRs have mainly been interested in which systems are going to be attacked, as it was clear from the direction of the attacks that the Thargoids were heading towards Sol, the Federation capital. More recently the Thargoids have…

Thargoid Interceptor responses to limpets

The following was submitted by CMDR OakPanda to aid us in our further investigation of the Thargoids. He investigated the effects of all known limpet types upon Thargoid Interceptors, in the name of science! From CMDR OakPanda: All results were gathered on a ship with no weapons on the hard points and no cargo other…

Eyes Elsewhere


While all eyes have been on the Thargoid incursions into the bubble, one commander has been busy surveying the areas surrounding Merope to see whether the extent of the Thargoid range has changed.

What he has found so far is that the Sphere does appear to have expanded out beyond 174ly…

Thargoid Data: USS Logging


The Thargoid Data Gathering project has been a great success. We now have a wealth of data plotting the extent of Thargoid incursions.

However the nature of the Thargoid Threat has changed substantially since they have entered the bubble. Previously we would be able to tell from the threat levels what type of Thargoid vessels we would encounter but now it is not possible to distinguish a Medusa from a dozen scouts using automated equipment alone.

Given the changing nature of the threat, and the success of the previous program, Canonn R&D have upgraded the USS-Survey device to provide some additional features.