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How to join Canonn

To join the Canonn simply follow these three easy steps

Step 1


Firstly register an account on this website by choosing a username and entering an email account you have regular access to (email verification will take place*). Registration is available through the Login page.

Step 2


Introduce yourself by completing a short bio (up to 600 characters) along with your in-game Cmdr name and registered Discord username – adding additional info such as your Holo-Me image and a choice of profile header image.

Step 3


Paste a link to your profile from here in the #newcomers_welcome channel in our discord along with a choice of colour for your name. A Canonn Mod will then assign you the correct roles and you will then have access to the full server.

If you then wish to have access to the Canonn Private Group you should message @Delmonte on our Discord.  Note that by joining any combination of our website, discord or private group you implicitly agree to the Guidelines for Website and Player Group Usage. Please also take a look at our optional donation information.

* Check your Junk/Spam email folder for email from – new sign-up emails are often flagged as possible spam initially. Any problems please reach out to us at or via discord.