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Bringing you news items from around the galaxy, below you will find information about what is going on in your neighbourhood, around the Bubble, out in Colonia, and within Canonn Research. Read about new discoveries here first!

Unidentified Interstellar Anomaly

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Project Cotton Eye An ongoing investigation into the nature of the Unidentified Interstellar Anomaly. Please note that the information is provided by a large number of participants and much has been left out until it is prepared for publication. If the is any information or methodology that you would like access to then please ask…

At The Eldritch Gate

This summer on July 10th 3308, Canonn will join with other groups to search for the lost green giant as an expeditionary force for “At the Eldritch Gate” in hopes of claiming the planet in the name of Science. 7 years ago, CMDR Kelly Eldridge discovered a remarkable find that everyone is familiar with today:…
Quarantine Site UC-001 Doorway

Quarantine Site UC-001

Quarantine Site UC-001 is an abandoned settlement in HIP 86908 on body 3 a, at -23.5514, -38.8450 (in Live/4.0) or at 19.0028, -38.8999 (in Legacy/3.8).The location of this site can be found by following the three nearby listening posts located in:Col 285 Sector NO-Q d5-59 / Col 359 Sector QC-B c1-11 / Col 359 Sector…

Converting Legacy Coordinates to XYZ

Occasionally people will research the ancient star maps looking for star systems that may have had different names back in the 21st Century so that the can go visit them. Or they may wish to visit the nearest star in the milky way to another galaxy so they can get an uninterupted view. We will…
Kraits and Adders

Kraits and Adders

Kraits and Adders is a 34th Century adaptation of an ancient indian game called ‘Moksha-Patamu.’ or more commonly known in english speaking regions as, ‘snakes and ladders’. Movement up the board represents the player’s spiritual journey, complicated by virtues – the ladders, and vices – the snakes.  In this 34th century version of the game…

Scriveners Community Goal

After their overt attempts to coerce the Scriveners Clan into to giving up their Knowledge Core by force, the Orion University are now appealing for the Galactic community to supply them random useless data as if they were trading baubles with savages. In return, they claim that they wish to accompany the Scriveners on their…

Scriveners Appeal

Orion University claim that the Scriveners Clan are the living embodiment of the University’s core values. If this were the case then they should not insist on playing chicken with the lives of the Scriveners and their unique cultural heritage. Far from being the actions of an organisation concerned with the welfare of the Scriveners…

Orion University Vs The Scrivener Clan

Our scientific community is deeply divided over the plight of the Scrivener Clan that is currently fighting a legal challenge from the Orion University over the Dredger they have called their home for centuries. The argument over whether the dredger is University property or legal salvage is one which may no doubt be fought in…

Survival Tips Series

The “Survival Tips” series is a set of 11 Data Logs that are distributed across four crashed Anaconda Trading Vessels that have been converted to settlements. The logs explain how to survive after being stranded on an alien planet. This codex entry serves to collect all these logs in one place. SURVIVAL TIPS 1/11 (Trading…

Trading Vessel MD-003

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Trading Vessel MD-003 is a crashed Anaconda and temporary outpost found in HR 5625 on body A 1, at 41.8038, 100.5841 (in Live/4.0) or at -48.1456, -169.7502 (in Legacy/3.8).The location of this site can be found by following the three nearby listening posts located in:Praea Euq FV-Y c12 / Lupus Dark Region AF-Z b1 /…