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Bringing you news items from around the galaxy, below you will find information about what is going on in your neighbourhood, around the Bubble, out in Colonia, and within Canonn Research. Read about new discoveries here first!

Speed Scanning Challenge

In the Inner Orion Spur, about 300 light years from Sol, Tucanae Sector AF-A d71 4 e is a 1000km radius rocky body, with a thin Carbon Dioxide Atmosphere, that supports 9 different life forms. Worth a modest 2,093,600 credits at Vista Genomics, the system was visited by CMDR Yanosh who analysed all the biology…

Trading Vessel MD-002

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CMDR Stromb reported his discovery in the Canonn discord. This is a crashed Anaconda and temporary outpost found in HR 6051 on planet 2 F. It has two uplinks, plus a datapoint that gives encoded data materials. There are manufactured materials scattered around (all low grade). The messages appear to be an addition to the…

The Use of Weapons

Commander SovereignWinter has compiled a database of ship weapons. The database lists the key parameters, damage, energy, heat, etc. of all 7,090 shipboard weapons of all classes, sizes, types, G5 engineering, and experimental effect combinations to better inform your loadout decisions. You can visit the sheet at

CMDR Marxanthius: Challenge Diary

CMDR Marxanthius was the first to complete the Canonn Challenge in its orginal form, a voyage of 500,000 light years. He has kindly shared his diary with us. Now the Canonn Challenge has a few more things to see and we have managed to cut down the route by 80,000 lightyears. So it will be…

Discovering 3307

The new year looks like it will bring about a new era of discovery. The pilots federation appears to be planning on lifting the lockdown that has restricted us to our ships and SRVs. And we could be setting foot on planets with thin atmospheres as early as April 3307. In the meantime, while we…

Desperately Seeking Stronzini

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At 17:01 on the 18th December 3306 the Canonn alert server received a message from the ship of Commander Stronzini informing us that the FSS Scanner had detected a Threat 0 Non Human Signal source in Musca Dark Region PJ-P b6-1. This is a significant find because Threat Zero Non Human Signal sources have not…

“Gnosis Megaship Tour”


As we continue our musical exploration of human history, LCU No Fool Like One and Cat V reimagine Estelle and Kanye West’s rap/song American Boy from the early 21st Century with their rendition of “Gnosis Megaship Tour” to the tune of the old song.