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Bringing you news items from around the galaxy, below you will find information about what is going on in your neighbourhood, around the Bubble, out in Colonia, and within Canonn Research. Read about new discoveries here first!

Canonn Media Podcast – Oct 25


Join Cannon Media for a Xenobiology special on the 25th October at 1am (which is around 6 hours from time of posting). Including the first reveal of Cmdr ToCoSo’s musical remembrance of the Gnosis “All in the Name of Science”.


Gnosis – I’m Going Home


With the Gnosis back home in Varati, we commence her decommissioning. Switch off the centrifuges, disable the chromatographs, unplug the electron microscopes and lock away the glassware. We’re going home.

Canonn Challenge Registrations

A number of people have contacted us asking if they can be registered for the Canonn challenge. We saw this as more of a pilgrimage than a race or a competition. It is even something you can do by accident just by bumbling around the galaxy. The aim is not to follow a specific route…

Station Attacks

Canonn Interstellar would like to offer condolences to all those killed or injured in today’s attacks. We were first alerted to the attacks by a Thargoid Activity report which was hastily taken down after NMLA claimed responsibility. Galnet news published the following statement, the first new news item in quite some considerable time On the…

Canonn Competition Closes

The Gnosis is finally back in Varati after many years of adventures in the black and now starts its new role as a tour bus around the bubble. Back in June, we asked you to make a film to commemorate the Gnosis with some fabulous prizes of lab equipment that we just happened to have…

Galactic Intern – Briefing Bruce

We are extremely happy to announce that tonight at 18:00 UTC we will be ‘Briefing Bruce’ – viewable at

Will you take the Canonn Challenge?

Here at Canonn Interstellar we just love to catalog things. We now have a huge catalog of Biology and Notable Stellar Phenomena. You can access our data from the following locations. Data Type Canonn API Canonn API documentation Surface Biology Google Sheets Lagrange Cloud Google Sheets Guardian Google Sheets Thargoid Google Sheets codex.json.gz Dump of…

Save the data!

Members of Canonn! Do not sell your exploration data! How many of you are familiar with the squadron leaderboards? If not take a look at your right-hand panel, click squadrons, and check out the leaderboards. Did you know if your squadron places first (or second or third) you get a holographic trophy for your dashboard?…
KPI 413 Rhubarb and Custard

Rhubarb and Custard

In July 3306 Canonn researchers mining the Spansh galactic database identified that two class III gas giants in the KOI 413 system were in essentially the same orbit. The only difference between them being the orbital inclination and the orbital period. This configuration meant that the bodies were almost certain to collide at some point.…