Guidelines for Website Usage

The following guidelines for use of Canonn properties should be adhered to at all times. Any questions, please contact a member of Council.

The Group and Website

  • Canonn Research Group (also referred to as The Canonn) is an established player group and in-game faction in the Elite Dangerous universe comprising many players from across the world.
  • We are focused on enjoyment and cooperation in-game, on this site, on Discord, or on the Frontier Forums.
  • There are people here that only ever play Solo. There are people that only ever play in Open. There are people that only ever play in the Canonn Private Group, or any combination. There are PvP players and PvE players – all are welcome.
  • Gender, race, religion, sexuality or nationality are of no importance to us.
  • We are not concerned with any other factions or powers to whom you might belong, and you are not constrained to exclusively act for the Canonn.
  • You must not engage in Power Play or PVP under the flag of the Canonn unless in defence of the Canonn or its members, unless otherwise specifically authorised.
  • By registering with our group, you agree to remain respectful at all times to your fellow group members, both here, on the forums, in the game, and on Discord. That doesn’t mean you can’t disagree with people – it’s just about respect.
  • We reserve the right to refuse or revoke access to this site, the group, and our Discord server without needing to give full justification.
  • If, following ‘challenging’ interactions in-game between members in any environment (unprovoked attack, trolling, griefing or harrassment) and there is sufficient disagreement, either party could see their membership and access to our Discord be rescinded (put simply, “don’t be a dick”).
  • Misrepresentation of our group on social media, on the Frontier Forums, Reddit, anywhere on Discord, or on other faction group sites could also lead to your membership being rescinded.
  • We have a research policy which governs how we expect our ‘research’ of in-game mysteries to be shared by our members and associates (other groups or non-Canonn commanders).  You must abide by these at all times in any of our communications channels.
  • When you say you represent the Canonn, you’re also representing the many hundreds of other members. Our philosophy is fun and cooperation, not bullying, harrassment, trolling or griefing.