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The Department of Cartographics & Exploration uncovers the locations of all of the wonders of the galaxy, both natural and intelligently made. Our researchers travel the vasts reaches of space, and plains of distant worlds, on the lookout for anything unusual and noteworthy. Our catalogs provide an invaluable resource for the other Canonn departments, recording where they might continue their research.

For a chronological view of events and discoveries, visit the Canonn Timeline in the Lore pages.

Department Head: Molan Ryke

Adamastor Listening Post

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Listening Post found in Synuefe XE-Y C17-7. The location matches the description found in the flight of the Adamastor, so it is believed that the Listening Post is related. The Listening Post was found by following a path from Chukchan through HIP 39748 and HIP 33386 and travelling for around 370 Ly then looking for…

Ghost Ship Adamastor

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The Adamastor, a Lowell class science megaship, can be found orbiting Chukchan 5 b. It is on fire and there are cargo and engineering materials nearby. Scanning the ship with the Datalink scanner reveals the usual array of subtargets, including a data point that gives more information about the ship. There is also a local…

Geological Survey 23B

This abandoned settlement on Musca Dark Region PJ-P B6-1 3 in the Coalsack contains audio messages related to an expedition led by Penelope Carver funded by Azimuth Biochemicals and which was recovered by the Adamastor megaship. In 3111 the survey team found Thargoid Barnacles and a crashed ship (on the same planet). This was an…

LHS 2429 Crashed Ship

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A crashed Type 9 on LHS 2429 1 at -14.17, 131.13 (use the Detailed Surface Scan to reveal it as CRASHED SHIP, though it doesn’t always appear straight after a scan). There is a cargo rack giving raw materials and most notably this crash is a source of legal Hafnium 178 (there are two tons…

Crowther’s Rest

Crowther’s Rest is an abandoned settlement on Nervir A 2 a. There is a single settlement uplink and common engineering materials can be found around the settlement. The settlement was originally reported by phxhawke.

Canonn Challenge Registrations

A number of people have contacted us asking if they can be registered for the Canonn challenge. We saw this as more of a pilgrimage than a race or a competition. It is even something you can do by accident just by bumbling around the galaxy. The aim is not to follow a specific route…

Will you take the Canonn Challenge?

Here at Canonn Interstellar we just love to catalog things. We now have a huge catalog of Biology and Notable Stellar Phenomena. You can access our data from the following locations. Data Type Canonn API Canonn API documentation Surface Biology Google Sheets Lagrange Cloud Google Sheets Guardian Google Sheets Thargoid Google Sheets codex.json.gz Dump of…

Save the data!

Members of Canonn! Do not sell your exploration data! How many of you are familiar with the squadron leaderboards? If not take a look at your right-hand panel, click squadrons, and check out the leaderboards. Did you know if your squadron places first (or second or third) you get a holographic trophy for your dashboard?…
KPI 413 Rhubarb and Custard

Rhubarb and Custard

In July 3306 Canonn researchers mining the Spansh galactic database identified that two class III gas giants in the KOI 413 system were in essentially the same orbit. The only difference between them being the orbital inclination and the orbital period. This configuration meant that the bodies were almost certain to collide at some point.…