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The Department of Cartographics & Exploration uncovers the locations of all of the wonders of the galaxy, both natural and intelligently made. Our researchers travel the vasts reaches of space, and plains of distant worlds, on the lookout for anything unusual and noteworthy. Our catalogs provide an invaluable resource for the other Canonn departments, recording where they might continue their research.

For a chronological view of events and discoveries, visit the Canonn Timeline in the Lore pages.

Department Head: Molan Ryke

Lichfield-class Reformatory

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The Lichfield-class Reformatory is a type of Prison Ship.It consists of a large cell block module with two smaller engine modules at its rear. Both engine compartements at the rear have one large two-engine and a smaller two-engine module and 4 manouvering thrusters. A Hackable Comms Array is rearside on one of the two compartements.…

Beckett-class Researcher

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The Beckett-class Researcher is a type of Science Vessel. It consists of a central Axis with an engine module at the rear, mounting command modules and two rotating habitat rings. The rear consists of a large double engine module, a smaller double engine module, and four single manouvering engines. One turret and a fighter bay…

Freedom-class Surveyor

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The Freedom-class Surveyor is a type of Survey Vessel.The class consists of two command moduls along a central axis, connected by a rotating habitat double ring.  The rear command module has a large engine module, two additional engine modules on separate structures on its sides, and a smaller third structure consisting of addtional tanks and…

James-class Hauler

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The James-class Hauler is a type of Bulk Cargo Ship. The class consists of a two-engine module at the rear, and a command module in direction of travel. Those are connected by a single central axis with a huge cargo rack structure, on which many cargo containers are mounted as well as additional power capacitators.…

Converting Legacy Coordinates to XYZ

Occasionally people will research the ancient star maps looking for star systems that may have had different names back in the 21st Century so that the can go visit them. Or they may wish to visit the nearest star in the milky way to another galaxy so they can get an uninterupted view. We will…

Sanchez-class Researcher

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The Sanchez-class is a class of Science Vessel. The class consists of two large cargo pod modules, connected to a power conduit as the center axis. Both cargo pod modules have a command module in direction of travel, and two two-engine modules at the rear.  The central axis has a single engine module at the…

Lost Explorer

This is the story of a small surface base named Lazarus Outpost on Wredguia RI-S d4-4 on planet A 1 at 41.6866, -17.0294 (use the Detail Surface Scanner to reveal it, you may have to drop out of supercruise for it to show). There are four Settlement Comms Log Uplinks and a Data point giving…

The Alexandria

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The Alexandria was an Aegis megaship used to transport Guardian materials for research purposes. In May 3307 the megaship was attacked by Thargoids when it jumped out of Delphi to HIP 16538. After it was rescued by independent pilots it attempted to jump to Sol, but permission was refused by the Federation. At the start…

Atmospheric Composition Compendium

Incoming transmission from Professor Awan: After reviewing a large number of atmospheres since Odyssey’s release, this list is a compilation of some of the most common or exceptional color palettes which I’ve come across. In-game photographs accompanied by atmospheric pressure statistics, surface temperatures, star classes and their distances, I’m working to get a detailed list…