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The Department of Cartographics & Exploration uncovers the locations of all of the wonders of the galaxy, both natural and intelligently made. Our researchers travel the vasts reaches of space, and plains of distant worlds, on the lookout for anything unusual and noteworthy. Our catalogs provide an invaluable resource for the other Canonn departments, recording where they might continue their research.

For a chronological view of events and discoveries, visit the Canonn Timeline in the Lore pages.

Department Head: Molan Ryke

Trading Vessel MD-002

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CMDR Stromb reported his discovery in the Canonn discord. This is a crashed Anaconda and temporary outpost found in HR 6051 on planet 2 F. It has two uplinks, plus a datapoint that gives encoded data materials. There are manufactured materials scattered around (all low grade). The messages appear to be an addition to the…

Fort Asch

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Fort Asch is a large abandoned surface base on HIP 22460 7 c formerly run by Azimuth Biochemicals as part of Project Seraph – an attempt to make human controlled Thargoid ships. To get access to HIP 22460 you may need to get the system permit – available by scanning the Listening Post (Beacon) in…

Neutron Star Study

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Introduction SovereignWinter, while returning from an expedition, took note of a small sample of neutron stars to assess if there was a correlation that could be found between jet radius, jet cone half-angle, and rotational period. As shown in this document, it was found there is a clear correlation between these variables. Due to the…


This is the story of a small surface base from in Synuefe KN-J a77-3 on planet 1 (use the Detail Surface Scanner to reveal it, you may have to drop out of supercruise for it to show). There are four Settlement Comms Log Uplinks and a Data point giving encoded materials, as well as low…


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The Hesperus, a Lowell class megaship owned by Azimuth Biochemicals. It is the sister ship of the Adamastor. It can be found in asteroid cluster 1 of Perseus Dark Region KC-V C2-2 B. A dredger from the Scriveners Clan which was claiming to own to salvage rights on the Hesperus left in July 3307. There…

ThePredeitor Discovers New Mollusc

Congratulations to commander ThePredeitor of Nebula Discoveries LLC who has discovered an new variety of torus mollusc in the Vulcan Gate region. The new molluscs were found in Ovomly YE-H d10-3 a system with a single white dwarf DBV star, and there were a total of 2 NSP sites, both containing the new type of…
Serene Harbour

Serene Harbour

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On planet R CrA Sector AF-A d42 3 b there is a POI marked UNKNOWN which is believed to be Serene Harbour – an Imperial Penal Colony, It has a scannable data point and 4 Settlement Uplinks giving lore messages related to Neo-Marlinist NMLA prisoners. There are various manufactured materials in the area. The base…