Lab 69 Xeno Intelligence Agency

Lab 69 Xeno Intelligence Agency (X.I.A.) is a long running shadow organisation within Canonn Research that has secretly been preparing for the advent of war with the Thargoids. The team works hard to establish patterns in Thargoid behaviours, to provide intelligence that can be used for the safety and protection of human interests.

We are working closely with the Anti Xeno Initiative (A.X.I.) for the benefit of all human kind.

Department Heads: Maligno, Starbeaver, Huros

Study of Hyperdiction Statistics

1. Introduction Ever since the Thargoids made their return known in human space in late 3303, commanders have been interdicted directly out of hyperspace by Thargoid Interceptors, a phenomenon that has been called a Hyperdiction by the galactic community [1].  These so-called Hyperdictions have primarily happened in the Pleiades, but over the course of time…

Chieftain vs Hydra & Triple Basilisk

Many commanders will recall the widely circulated transmission in early 3304 between an independent pilot and the scientist Ram Tah.  In the transmission, the pilot was flying a Chieftain and was in the middle of battling a Medusa Interceptor.  Many people expressed disbelief that a ship like the Chieftain could take on a Medusa toe-to-toe,…

Gnosis Jump Fails


We’re stranded. The frame shift drive is out, multiple systems have failed. We’re not going anywhere for a while. When the Hydras hyperdicted us, we could barely keep the ship in one piece, let alone get ourselves further out to safety.