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Our Resources section showcases our Canonn R&D tools along with a number of other useful resources used by Canonneers.  If you have something you think should be added here, ping an [Admin] on Discord with details.
Canonn R&D Tools:
  • EDMC Canonn

    EDMC-Canonn is an EDMC plugin used to capture information from the codex and various in game events for automated Canonn reporting. It also provides a patrol system that can be used to direct you to places of interest.

  • Thargoid Link Decoder

    This tool provides the distances of an unknown system relative to three known systems from the Thargoid link message.

  • Data and Report Forms

    A set of online sheets containing detailed data about Barnacles, Thargoid Sites, Guardian Ruins/Structures and more.

  • Bifrost (Guardian Sites) Tool

    Bifrost allows you to easily visualise and catalogue the many configurations of ancient Guardian Ruins. Read More

  • Unknown Structures Map

    This tool provides an interactive 3d map of known locations for the Unknown Structure (Thargoid) sites. Read More

  • Thargoid Glyph Tool

    This tool allows you to explore, compare and link to the various combinations of the Thargoid Glyphs. Read More

  • Discovery Locales

    This map gives a high level overview of the various discovery locations for comparison.

  • Bioforge

    Bioforge is a graphical display of system and body data for scannable biological, geological and xenological items that you can use to determine the spawn conditions.

  • Signals

    Canonn’s signal page displays infomation known about the contents of systems and the biology and geology that can be found there. If the biological signals unknown it will suggest what could be found. The signals page is backed by the spansh database.


Ghost Rings

CMDR Chewcat1 and LCU No Fool Like One Why are some large rings invisible, and Is there a definitive way to calculate whether the rings will be visible or not with just data from the Full Spectrum System Scanner(FSS)? Commander Chewcat1 set out to answer that question. The answer to this question could help us…

Get Your Name In The Codex

Commander Marxanthius is one of our dedicated catalogers. He does a weekly audit of the Codex against our records to ensure that we are up to date and has a unique knowledge of the codex. He doesn’t just fly a desk he is also one of the pioneers of the Canonn Challenge and has visited…

Azimuth Saga Overview

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CMDR Coehoorn has supplied a overview of the Azimuth Saga taken from Galnet Chapter 1 Beginning a multi-part overview of historical events surrounding Azimuth Biochemicals and its connection to the mysterious Salvation. On the 29th of October 3306, an abandoned megaship named the Adamastor arrived in the Chukchan system, after travelling at sublight speeds for…
Thompson Dock

Canonn Tour

Cmdr Content created a expedition to represent Canonn in an HCS Voicepacks competition This route provides 17 destinations rich with the lore of the Galaxy. Most of these destinations focus on our xeno friends, the Thargoids, and our efforts to hide and eradicate them. Varati: Varati has been the start of many expeditions, both local…

Where Bacteria Roam

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CMDR Felsen83 has written a report on the current state of bacterial research. Back on ancient earth, long before humanity took to the stars, the archaic lifeform named “Bacterium” had been known to populate almost all corners of the planet. With the new campaign to sample all life in our galaxy, initiated by Vista Genomics,…
Myriesly-HN-I-c23-4504 2-A-Ring

The Canonn Method

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What is the Canonn method I hear you ask? Well, it is nothing more than the scientific method that underpins all good science. That and gallons of gin and mountains of biscuits. The scientific method is a process for designing experimentation that helps us to unravel the secrets of the galaxy.  The overall process involves…

Thargoid Data: USS Logging


The Thargoid Data Gathering project has been a great success. We now have a wealth of data plotting the extent of Thargoid incursions.

However the nature of the Thargoid Threat has changed substantially since they have entered the bubble. Previously we would be able to tell from the threat levels what type of Thargoid vessels we would encounter but now it is not possible to distinguish a Medusa from a dozen scouts using automated equipment alone.

Given the changing nature of the threat, and the success of the previous program, Canonn R&D have upgraded the USS-Survey device to provide some additional features.

Canonn R&D – Thargoid Glyph Tool

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The amazing Canonn R&D team bring you another tool to assist while investigating the mysteries of the Thargoids.  This time to help in visualising and checking off the various Thargoid Glyph combinations seen on Thargoid vessels, and originally on Barnacles.

UL firing the beam

Cmdr Backflaps – A Guide to Analysing Octal Messages

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Cmdr Backflaps (also known as Kal/Kalearne) presents a useful guide to analysing octal messages from the Unknown Link. This is the method used for locating additional Unknown Sites, but is also relevant to analysing Unknown Probe messages. Cmdr Redden Alt Mer then gives details on how to translate the transcribed audio into a set of distances…