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The Geology & Surface Organics department’s primary focus is to catalogue lifeforms and plantlife keeping an open mind to how and where they develop and to record and study geological formations found naturally on other worlds. By careful measurement and study we advance further in understanding our natural universe.

For a chronological view of events and discoveries, visit the Canonn Timeline in the Lore pages.

Department Heads: Panpiper, MadRaptor


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True unicellular extremophiles capable of living in the full spectrum of temperatures, chemical soups and atmospheres. They form a kaleidoscopic range of patterns and colours based on their method of metabolism. They derive energy from photosynthetic, chemosynthetic or thermosynthetic processes. These are believed to be the precursors for many lifeforms and are often found in…


Extremely hardy photosynthetic organisms that thrive in arid environments. Thick, waxy leaf structures protect them from extreme surroundings. When gaseous exchange becomes unfavourable. The leaves can completely shut off the organism from the atmosphere causing a state of hibernation. The pointed leaves create precipitation slopes, which draw liquids to the heart of the organism. Here…

Surface Biology

History Surface biology can be found throughout the galaxy on landable planets. Initially pilots were only able to land on planets with no atmosphere and this limited the species that could be found on them. There were also no tools for locating the biology. Commanders had to resort to what was affectionately described as beige…

Volcanism Locations

Have you been looking for a specific type of volcanism and just can’t seem to figure out where to find it? Fortunately for you, CMDR Felsen has put together the following lists that show what type of volcanism you can find on a specific body and inversely where to find a specific volcanism. Please note…

Get Your Name In The Codex

Commander Marxanthius is one of our dedicated catalogers. He does a weekly audit of the Codex against our records to ensure that we are up to date and has a unique knowledge of the codex. He doesn’t just fly a desk he is also one of the pioneers of the Canonn Challenge and has visited…

The Road to Exobiology Elite V

by JJGoldberg It was a bumpy, long and windy road. Inefficient at points, because of sheer ignorance and sometimes cockiness. Exhilarating sometimes, exhausting for sure! But we got there before anybody else. It all started May 19 3306 . With all the problems being reported in the galaxy at that time, I decided to just…

Speed Scanning Challenge

In the Inner Orion Spur, about 300 light years from Sol, Tucanae Sector AF-A d71 4 e is a 1000km radius rocky body, with a thin Carbon Dioxide Atmosphere, that supports 9 different life forms. Worth a modest 2,093,600 credits at Vista Genomics, the system was visited by CMDR Yanosh who analysed all the biology…

Organic Scanning Guide

In this guide we will show you some tips and techniques for finding surface biology using the latest incarnation of the detailed surface scanner and how to quickly gather the required three scans per species so that you can sell the data at Vista Genomics and work your way up to the coveted Exobiologist Elite…

Where Bacteria Roam

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CMDR Felsen83 has written a report on the current state of bacterial research. Back on ancient earth, long before humanity took to the stars, the archaic lifeform named “Bacterium” had been known to populate almost all corners of the planet. With the new campaign to sample all life in our galaxy, initiated by Vista Genomics,…