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The Canonn

Canonn Interstellar Research Group (or the ‘Canonn’ for short) is an independent cooperative made up of thousands of Commanders committed to science and discovering the mysteries of the universe. Founded in Varati on August 4th 3301 the Canonn has continued to spread and is even present in Colonia.

We are a non-exclusive, open group that does not take part in politics and is adamantly neutral, we believe anything that distracts from our research is to be avoided. We do not restrict our pilots but we do enforce that any overtly political actions are not taken in our name.

While initially founded to research the Unknown Artefact the Canonn has branched out as new mysteries have become available. Our interests also extend to the Large Barnacle, Unknown Probe, the Unknown Ships and any other mysteries we can get our hands on. A complete up to date list of our studies can be found in the codex of this website.

You can find all our research in these pages and we encourage anyone seeking to work with us to join us, take part in our discord and follow the “threadnought”. Be forewarned there will be plenty of off the wall “tinfoil” theories and talk of biscuits but that’s just an average day around here. Join us, discover the ongoing mysteries, and make some new friends!

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