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Statement of Canonn’s commitment to publicly accessible and open Elite Dangerous mystery research

Openness and Control

  • Any research we undertake is open to all
  • Meaning any results, conclusions etc. that a Canonn member or group of Canonn members reach should be included on the threadnought at the very least – either directly or by means of a link to a public site (e.g. the Canonn Codex or similar)
  • No Canonn member should seek ownership or control over any information or activities in order to actively exclude others.  Clashes of personalities are inevitable, but provided everyone has one common goal, those should be resolvable.
  • Works-in-progress are a potential exception to this, but it is hoped that that work will always have an end goal of being public, and be open for others to contribute to in whatever way they reasonably can.  If you have an idea you think is half-baked and which you’d like reviewed, you can use the Canonn Discord #chat_science channel to invite discussion, or the Frontier Forums threadnought.
  • For people we work with outside the Canonn, then any shared work we do is governed by our rules. If a commander or group does not share this intention of keeping things open, then we reserve the right to stop working with you, and the Canonn identity will not be associated with that work.
  • If you intend to keep your work private, then do not use our people or our communication channels. Individuals can of course choose to take part in private research, but they will do so outside the banner of the Canonn.


  • Canonn is not interested in political protectionism of ideas or results. Discoveries are not Faction discoveries, they are discoveries by the community, for the community.
  • We share with independent, alliance, federation, or imperial alike.  Background or in-game activities (providing they do not compromise the Canonn name and comply with our group guidelines) do not influence this stance.


  • Canonn was built on openness and inclusion. Our duty is not only to investigate, but to bring new people into the mix, and we can only do that by sharing for the good of everyone. If your goal is primarily personal glory, then you are in the wrong place. Scrambling for and arguing over being ‘first’ is simply undignified and entirely discouraged.
  • With any new finds, the first to publish openly gets the credit. No-one cares about your discovery if you kept it to yourself. Enjoy and share your findings and experiences so others can too.
  • Praise will be given for good ideas, proving or disproving others’ theories, and time given to contribute to the greater whole.  All based on merit and character.
  • It doesn’t matter how long you have taken part – if you are ‘new’ to this your opinion or your question is valid (accepted, you might ask questions that have been answered many times – so may be steered towards existing information sources).  Equally, it doesn’t matter how ‘old’ or ‘seasoned’ you are – your opinion can still be challenged.
  • Nobody has primacy over anyone else – if you earn people’s respect, then be sure to give it in return and not to abuse it.

Beta Research

  • Beta Access presents an opportunity for an early view of some aspects of the main game, and as such an element of privilege for those with access. Respect the fact that not everyone has Beta access, and may not wish to be exposed to ‘spoilers’.
  • To assist with this, Canonn has adopted a strict approach to discussion of Beta related findings or research: Discuss Beta finds/activities only within the Frontier Beta Forums or Beta-friendly Discord channels (unless by specific prior agreement)
  • Frontier have taken steps in recent Betas to change or lock out story and mystery related content due to prior early reveals, occasionally leading to less tested and problematic finds. What you see in Beta cannot be relied upon to be the final result, either by error or intent from the developer.
  • While this cannot be enforced, we request that all Canonn members to respect this general approach, and avoid discussing Beta related information in the ‘normal’ channels and forum threads.

File Dipping

  • Any research, findings or information gleaned as a result of so called ‘File Dipping’ or other EULA-breaking activities (whether from direct or indirect sources) will not be accepted under the banner of the Canonn, and in accordance with published guidelines may result in removal from the group.

Any disagreements, changes or wish to work around the above should be discussed with a member of Canonn Council.