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Dr Arcanonn cannot be everywhere at once.  At least not yet.

So, he set about the task of building a council to aid him in his quest for science domination.

The council is made up of a rag-tag bunch of combined pilots and forumites who have participated in the UA/Barnacle mystery and/or to the Canonn.  In general, all of them have demonstrated extreme wit (sic), valour (sic), intelligence (sic) and – most importantly – a talent for crafting the finest hats from tinfoil.  They also have impeccable taste in biscuits and, at least in one case, an unhealthy taste for ‘Mono-Malt’ Whisky from the far reaches of the bubble.

The members of the council, using their forum names here, are (in no particular order):

Display Name CMDR Name Frontier Forum Platform
Huros Huros Huros PC
Kyp Shard Kyp Shard Kyp Shard PC
LordZoltan Lord Zoltan LordZoltan PC
NicholasPowell Nicholas Powell Nicholas Powell PC
Arcanonn Arcanonn Dr Arcanonn PC
Bungalo Bungalo Bungalo PC
Cmdr Outspan Cmdr Outspan Cmdr Outspan PC
Hugo Ross Hugo Ross HugoRoss PC
Delmonte CMDR Delmonte Delmonte PC
patau82 Monkey D Luffy Patau82 PC
RedWizzard Red Wizzard RedWizzard PC
Starbeaver Starbeaver Starbeaver PC

The Council are responsible for steering the Canonn story in the right direction.  They will also issue sanctions against any player performing unauthorised unsavoury acts in the group’s name.

The Council also administer this archive, along with our Science Editors, so it’s therefore these to whom you should address any suggestions for the site, or anything else for the group.

Your council are here to serve.

(Except when they’re busy shooting, mining, trading or exploring; theorising about Unknown Things; or taking a break from the Elite universe to engage in some RL)