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Testing Professor Shaw’s Hypothesis

Testing Professor Shaw’s Hypothesis on the Thargoid homeworld CMDR’s Proasek, WyldxPhoenix, DudleyBose IV Abstract: On the seventh of April 3304, Professor Cora Shaw of the Palin Institute published a speculative…
KPI 413 Rhubarb and Custard

Rhubarb and Custard

In July 3306 Canonn researchers mining the Spansh galactic database identified that two class III gas giants in the KOI 413 system were in essentially the same orbit. The only…
Thargoid Site

Thargoid Site Survey

This study produces a photographic record of all Thargoid surface structures and an analysis of the structures above the surface. The analysis is used to form the basis of a new way of classifying the sites to facilitate further study of the surface sites.

Study of Hyperdiction Statistics

1. Introduction Ever since the Thargoids made their return known in human space in late 3303, commanders have been interdicted directly out of hyperspace by Thargoid Interceptors, a phenomenon that…

Spectral Class Distribution of Galactic Phenomena

We are proud to host CMDR Urania Minora’s study of the Spectral Class Distribution of Galactic Phenomena, which aims to bring an understanding of the relationship between the Harvard Stellar Classification of a primary star, and what phenomena may be discovered in a system, as a help to guide exploration efforts. The research paper examines the specifics for phenomena of specific interest to Canonn scientists establishing potential patterns and biases from a detailed analysis of available data from 3.28×10^7 known explored systems

Thargoid Interceptor Hull Analysis

1. Introduction Some time ago it was discovered that is is possible to repair Thargoid ships with human repair limpets [1].  The discovery opened up the possibility of measuring the…

Advanced Multi-Cannon Analysis

1. Introduction The galactic community recently decided to support Zende Partners in the development of an Advanced Multi-Cannon (AMC) weapon [1].  Given the usual lack of transparency in weapon documentation,…

SLF Damage Partition Analysis

1. Executive Summary The focus of this study is the detailed analysis of Ship Launched Fighter (SLF) damage partitions, namely the analysis of damage characteristics of Anti-Xeno (AX) fighters.  This…

AX Weapon Damage Partitions

1. Introduction There has been recent success in using rigorous mathematical techniques to accurately estimate the damage partitioning of human weapons, such as Plasma Accelerators and Railguns [1].  Information from…

Thargoid Interceptor Shield Analysis

1. Introduction The subject of this article is the accurate estimation of Thargoid Interceptor shield strength.  An initial analysis was carried out to estimate these values and is referenced here…