Amaethon-class Cropper

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Amaethon-class Cropper

The Amaethon-class Cropper is a type of Agricultural Vessel.

Around a slim central axis with a single small engine at the rear with the Shiplog Uplink, six huge Cargo Modules build the megaships rear body connected to the central axis. Each Cargo Pod Module has a set of a large and set of a small two engine modules.
Each of the Cargo Modules has a greenhouse in direction of travel. In a set of two each four of those Cargo Modules have either a Cargo Bay or an Escape Hatch, totalling three Cargo Bays and one Escape Hatch. Each Cargo Bay or Escape Hatch has two Turrets defending those.

Along the central axis in direction of travel there are two rotating rings with three greenhouses and solar panels at the center, and six greenhouses at the center axis fixed between the rings. In direction of travel there is again a set of six greenhouses, before there are two rotating habitats – a larger, complete ring with a smaller inner ring, and a smaller one, broken into three distinct compartements.

A command module is at the top in direction of travel. Below it there are both one cargo bay and one escape hatch. To turrents at the top shielding defend them.

Its default cargo of around 550 tons is Pesticides, Foods, Beer, Machinery, Agri-Medicines, and Animal Monitors. The Escape Hatches have Occupied and Damaged Escape Pods.

An Amaethon-class Cropper with call-sign SON-627 can be found for reference at the following waypoints: Song Ku, Lei Manako, Halbarapii, 68 Draconis, Regi, Bogatiku.

  • Number of Turrets: 10
  • Cargo Bays: 5
  • Escape Hatches: 2
  • Total Cargo: ~550t
  • Default Cargo: Chemicals (Pesticides), Foods (Algae, Animal Meat, Coffee, Fish, Fruit and Vegetables, Grain, Synthetic Meat, Tea), Legal Drugs (Beer), Machinery (Atmospheric Processors, Building Fabricators, Crop Harvesters, Energy Grid Assembly, Marine Equipment, Microbial Furnaces, Power Generators, Power Transfer Bus, Water Purifiers), Medicines (Agri-Medicines), Technology (Animal Monitors); Salvage (Damaged Escape Pods, Occupied Escape Pods)
  • Rare Commodity Sub-Types: Chemicals, Foods, Machinery, Technology

Known examples of this class are:

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