Comms Facility 89563

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Comms Facility 89563

This settlement can be found in HR 1172 on planet A 5 b at -0.2508, -67.6809. It was located via Listening Posts at HIP 17892 1, HR 1185 A 5, and Pleiades Sector PD-S b4-0 2 using codename BGK-163-C. The settlement has been attacked by Thargoids.


Dispatch Report 89583-23: Lieutenant Commander Hurst to Admiral McTiernan

Admiral, we’ve been monitoring comms chatter for over a week and it’s clear the reports of anomalous activity are more than just rumours. Something’s out there, and it’s harassing civilian traffic. None of our patrols have spotted anything, but after collating data from comms recon we’ve been able to triangulate a rough location. I’m dispatching a scout wing to see if they can find anything. It’s probably just pirates or smugglers on a dry run, but you can’t be too careful.

Dispatch Log 89563-36: Lieutenant Commander Hurst to Admiral McTiernan

I have an update on my previous dispatch, Admiral. The communications officer lost contact with our scout wing –
not just comms but sensors too. They just disappeared. The only thing we managed to pick up is part of a flight
recording. Let me run the decryption for you:

What is that? Where the hell did it come from? Deploying hard points. All pilots to attack formation. This thing could
be hostile. Sigma Two, do you copy? Sigma Three, move to attack vector. Can anybody hear me? Control, we have an unidentified
bogie running interference with-


Dispatch Log 89583-39: Lieutenant Commander Hurst to Admiral McTiernan

Nothing for twelve hours, then at 03:00 the scanners picked up an incoming vessel. Comms identified it as Sigma Two from the scout wing, coming in hot, hull integrity at around five per cent. It was a rough landing. I scrambled the ground crew and they just managed to cut the pilot out before the auxiliary fuel line blew.

We couldn’t get much out of him – not much that made sense, anyway. He babbled something about an alien ship before the medics sedated him. My guess is he was delirious on account of oxygen deprivation.

As soon as I have more I will relay it immediately.


Dispatch Log 89563-41: Lieutenant Commander Hurst to Admiral McTiernan

It must have followed Sigma Two’s wake signal. It came out of nowhere, and somehow bypassed our early-warning systems. The facility’s automated defences went down before we knew what hit us. I scrambled every fighter we had, but it was on us before a single one could

I’m watching the scanners now. It’s coming in for a second pass. Life support is down to twenty per cent.

We’re not going to survive another attack. Admiral, if you receive this message you have to get the word out.

They’re coming, and we need be ready to fight back.


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