Generation Ship: Demeter

Generation Ship: Demeter

Demeter is an abandoned generation ship that can be found in the Mizuchi system, orbiting body 2.

The ship was reported by bigcee75 (Source: Reddit)

There is no known Listening Post associated with this Generation Ship.


Ship Log – Year 5, day 234

We have a situation. There have been, erm, system failures in navigation, habitat and communications. Life support seems to be working normally, but we only have enough power in bio-systems for a few decades.
We’re drifting aimlessly. Assuming we don’t reach a habitable planet soon, we’ll be out of food in a few years. The Captain has ordered us to keep a lid on this. I mean, we’ve got 3,000 souls aboard this vessel – the last thing we need is a ship-wide panic.

Ship Log – Year 187, day 12

The War of the Four Tribes continues. We, the Mechanics, are once again fighting for our survival. The Peacekeepers – curse their name – have become dominant. After they allied with the Colony they destroyed most of us. But if we can form an alliance with the Cultivators we might gain control of food stocks and avert our destruction.
With prayer and zeal we will prevail. We fight with the wrench and the driver. We fight for the Engine.

Ship Log – Year 369, day 327

Still we fight. Still we quest for victory over the Mechlords. I hear them in the long night, creeping through the vents like ghosts.
From my earliest days, the Elders told me of their rites and their sacrifices. Never venture out alone, my mother said. But still I do. I have to. What would we eat if we didn’t forage in the bowels of the beast?
The Mechlords won’t catch me – I am too quick and too wily. My brood brothers and sisters think me mad, but I don’t care. They’re just scared. Too taken with the old tales. If I see one of those mechs they’ll get full steel to the face, and I’ll be off quicker than starlight.

Ship Log – Year 537, day 45

Tonight we feast. The flesh of the vanquished will be our banquet. Few remain, but those who do stand victorious. Unbroken within this tomb…this eternal prison.
The Sayers will tell our legend for generations. They will tell of the Last Eaters, of how we rose from the depths of the Engine. How we claimed our throne. But tonight they will feast alongside us. And we will sing forever in the dark with a curtain of light ahead, heralding the journey to come.


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