Mic Turner Base

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Mic Turner Base

Constructed in 3302 by the Alliance, despite accusations that they were attempting to lay claim to the organic structures in the area, this base on California Sector BA-A e6 4 serves as “a centre for scientific study, supporting our ongoing research into the organic structures and meta-alloys,” or so they claim.

The materials and resources required for the construction were raised through an appeal to the larger galactic community.

The base is administered by the Turner Research Group. The namesake of the base, Mic Turner, is strongly rumored to have been involved in contact with the Thargoid race in the 3250s.

A large patch of Bark Mounds containing Fungal Growths is 1.7km away from the base on a bearing of 225º.

Those looking to harvest Engineer Materials from the growths should beware that the patch is within the base’s No Fire Zone; you will be fined if you shoot at them.

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