Pirates Attacking Federation

Pirates Attacking Federation

An Unregistered Comms Beacon can be found in orbit of Velli 6. The transmission times of this beacon are not known. Reports indicate that a transmission occurred at 20:00:

5 14 9 7 13 1 19
(repeated four times)

Decodes by letter positions to:


This message is the decryption key for an encoded Galnet article in the local Herald:

Velli Herald
25 Oct 3302

***Compromised Carrier Signal***

Victor Alpha Oscar Oscar Charlie – Quebec Charlie
Sierra Foxtrot Tango Alpha Foxtrot Golf Golf Foxtrot
Uniform Oscar Tango Papa Bravo Kilo Alpha Juliet
Alpha Sierra Foxtrot Tango Charlie Papa Bravo –
Quebec Oscar Foxtrot Bravo Alpha Tango 7 – Uniform
Bravo Tango Lima Sierra Alpha Foxtrot Tango Alpha
Bravo Charlie Bravo Delta

The message consists of a series of words that can be interpreted as the NATO phonetic alphabet, yielding the message:


Applying a Keyed Caesar cipher with the key of ENIGMAS taken from the beacon yielded the message:


This leads to a “Pirates Attacking Federation” signal source in orbit of Velli 7. This appears to be a permanent equivalent to the Distress Call (Threat 4) signal source sometimes seen in other systems.

Contains a disabled Federation controlled Farragut Class Battlecruiser along with a number of pirate ships, the Farragut transmits the following message to all ships in range:

Naval Priority Message… Mayday! We have been sabotaged and find ourselves stranded. We require any navy ships in the area to assist us until our support team arrives.

Another Farragut Class Battlecruiser will arrive, this one Pirate-controlled, and attack the Federation-controlled one. Should the Pirate-controlled ship be driven-off, Federation support ships will arrive.

Not of any known scientific interest.

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