Research Base KG-3362

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Research Base KG-3362

This is a settlement on Pleiades Sector HR-W D1-17 1 a at 58.1148, 19.5427. It can be found via listening posts at Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5 1, Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-57 A 5, and HIP 17044 1 with the code LWI-080-B. The settlement has been attacked by Thargoids.

Messages from settlement:


Agronomist Khan to Senior Agri Analyst – Report 653/6

The nano—pesticides we’re trialling appear to be working well. The geno-crops have displayed an accelerated growth rate of 220 per cent. It isn’t much more than when using conventional biopesticides, but it’s still progress.
Nothing else to report except that Old Hank, our maintenance operator, claims to have seen strange lights over one of the agridomes the other night. I assumed he’d been at the Lavian brandy again, but when I checked the surveillance recordings there was nothing but static. More than likely just a solar flare from the nearest star throwing out the camera feed.


Agronomist Khan to Senior Agri Analyst – Report 653/7

The nano—pesticides have failed dramatically. I went to inspect one of the agridomes earlier, just to collect some readings. When I got there the entire crop was dead. The whole plantation had just rotted away. The stink was so overpowering, I had to close off the entire section. I had a look at the readings but couldn’t find any clue as to what had happened – everything was fine until 03.15 last night and then, out of nowhere — catastrophic failure. Strangely, the surveillance feed experienced another blip at exactly the same time. I had tech look at the problem but so far they’re none the wiser. I hate to think what Old Hank would say. He’d probably blame it on the strange lights.


Agronomist Khan to Senior Agri Analyst — Report 653/8

I hope you can hear this over the sirens. I’m leaving this report because our surveillance feeds are down. There’s a ship – it blasted the facility with some kind of pulse and now most of our systems are offline. It’s like nothing I’ve seen before. From what I can make out it’s some kind of bio-ship, a living vessel. It took out half the agridomes and destroyed the hangar bay, so there’s no question of evacuation. I don’t know what to do. I wasn’t trained for this.


Agronomist Khan to Senior Agri Analyst — Report 653/9

I think I’m the only one left. I just managed to get to the last intact agridome before the admin centre was completely destroyed. It’s all quiet now. No sign of the bioship. No sign of anyone else, either. I’ve tried every channel in my comms unit but there’s no reply. I guess I should count myself lucky. At least I survived. I can only hope someone investigates the loss in communication and comes to get me.


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