Stolon Trees and Stolon Pods

Stolon Trees and Stolon Pods

There is one known variant of the Stolon Trees and Stolon Pods to be found around the galaxy – notably in the remote Outer Scutum-Centaurus Arm sector. They appear inside Notable Stellar Phenomena. Pods can be attached to the trees or found separate.

In-game codex information shows the requirements for systems to contain Stolon Trees, though they also seem to be restricted to one location in the galaxy.

Space lifeforms often have discoverable traits – scan them with the Composition Scanner when they are doing something to reveal the traits. For Stolon Pods these traits have not yet been identified. The pods have four distinct states – open, closed, empty and ‘pearl’ (easier to understand in the following video). Research Limpets can be used to take samples from the pods, and return Pod Tissue and Pod Surface Tissue.

Video by CMDR Crimshadow

Images and content mostly provided by CMDR Crimshadow

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