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Teorge Listening Posts

On 29 Apr 3303, Lady Kahina Loren—also known as Salomé—and her co-conspirators Raan Corsen, Tsu Annabelle Singh and Yuri Nakamura attempted to reach the Tionisla Graveyard bubble from the 46 Eridani system. While their leader did not make it, the rest of the group did, and they learned of and revealed the location of a set of Listening Posts in the Teorge system.

Scanning each of the posts in turn gives the following logs.

…Corrupted Transmission RAGAZZA-1 Detected…

Matches signal detected at listening posts:RAGAZZA 2-7

RAGAZZA Log 1 – 31/03/3275


“If you just stumbled across this message, nothing of what I am going to relate will make any sense. My advice? Don’t read on, kill this holofac now, don’t go looking. You really don’t want to be involved, trust me. Just fly on like nothing happened. People will kill you for knowing.

If you found this because you were led here… congratulations, you must be reasonably smart.

I don’t know what you were expecting, but this probably isn’t it. There’s no payoff my friend, there’s no money to be made. You haven’t won. You may have just made things much worse for yourself. If there is any fame to be had it is what you make of it, maybe some chronicler will immortalise you in the future.”


…Corrupted Transmission RAGAZZA-2 Detected…

Matches signal detected at listening posts:RAGAZZA 1, 3-7

RAGAZZA Log 2 – 31/03/3275


“I put this message in this system for a reason, the old lore will tell you why. I’m not the first and I’m not the last. I’m old now and it will soon be time for another to take my place. Maybe it’s her who has led you here. If she’ s
anything like me she’ll be one feisty littie lady, hope you had fun.

By now you’ll have been to the hind-end of space looking for, well… something. Guessing you found it. I make no apology for all your trouble, you decided to go out there, same as me. I don’t know what tech you have in the future to make that voyage a little easier, but I spent years following this, trying to unravel it all and so did many others before me.

You weren’t alone, suffering that boredom and loneliness in the void. Don’t expect any sympathy, no one told you to go. Decide for yourself if you think it was worth it.”


…Corrupted Transmission RAGAZZA-3 Detected…

Matches signal detected at listening posts:RAGAZZA 1-2, 4-7

RAGAZZA Log 3 – 31/03/3275


“But I figure I owe you some kind of explanation. So here it is.

They’ve known. They’ve known for decades, maybe centuries. There’s something out there and it’s heading this way. Everything you’ve seen: all the wars, all the investigations, all the abductions. It’s their way of getting stuff done, getting things ready, keeping things quiet.

You don’t build a fleet of warships for no reason – too many questions get asked. So you manufacture a threat, you start a phony war. You keep the populace amused with any diversion you can think of. You play powers against each other, you boom and bust the markets to tilt the economy. Anything to stop people looking at the real issues.”


…Corrupted Transmission RAGAZZA-4 Detected…

Matches signal detected at listening posts:RAGAZZA 1-3, 5-7

RAGAZZA Log 4 – 31/03/3275


“Who are they? Don’t go thinking this is the Feds or the Imps or even the Alliance, it’s way beyond all that. Most of what you think you know isn’t true. It’s all a fabrication, woven by those who have appointed themselves the protectors of humanity. They’ve been keeping us all in the dark, hiding the truth, secretly prepping for a confrontation.

If you’re unlucky enough to stumble upon a part of it, they simply remove you. A shadowy revolution that decides what to reveal and when.”


…Corrupted Transmission RAGAZZA-5 Detected…

Matches signal detected at listening posts:RAGAZZA 1-6

RAGAZZA Log 5 – 31/03/3275


“But that’s not all they’ve done. They had all manner of contingency plans drawn up over the years. Maybe they had a premonition of failure. If you’ve got this far you’ll have read the old lore, you know there was a conflict with an alien race. Yes them. You know what they were capable of in the past. Who’s to say what they could do now?

Our so called protectors thought the core worlds might be overrun. Maybe we might need somewhere else to go. That’s what they were looking for out there in the void. Somewhere to flee to, somewhere to run and hide. An Exodus, the Dynasty plan.”


…Corrupted Transmission RAGAZZA-6 Detected…

Matches signal detected at listening posts:RAGAZZA 1-5, 7

RAGAZZA Log 6 – 31/03/3275


“So they sent out ships, lots of ships, looking for earth-like worlds in the far reaches of the galaxy. You know where, you’ve been there. When they had that data they planned to kill the crews and bury the missions. Some kind of suicide pact. No one was supposed to know. Some of those poor souls managed to survive for a few years it seems, marooned in the blackness, but none of them
them made it home. If you’ re here you’ve probably found what was left.

But they didn’t tell us plebs about this. No, not a word. They claimed it would cause riots, panic and confusion if the truth ever came out. Maybe they were right. So they lied, time and again.

But you can’t lie for ever, truth is a dangerous thing.”


…Corrupted Transmission RAGAZZA-7 Detected…

RAGAZZA Log 7 – 31/03/3275


“I figured someone should know the facts one day. So now you have it. What you do with it is your business. Could be they have let you find this message, maybe the time is right at last. Maybe there is nothing left to hide anymore. I don’t know if I’ve played them, or they’ve played me. There’s probably one last question burning in your mind. I know I’d be asking it. How do I know all this’?

That’s simple. My memory has been shot to pieces, edited by them and by me over the years, But I finally put it back together, most of it anyway. Turns out I was one of them. I was part of it. I helped them do it. Somewhere along the line I had an attack of conscience.

Guess they didn’t take too kindly to that. Here’s hoping I made a difference…



The author of these recordings appears to be the woman known as Rebecca, and is the same as that who recorded the additional logs at The Zurara.

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