Canonn (Varati) BGS Mission

Canonn (Varati) BGS Mission

From the desk of Cmdr Goemon on August 28th:

+++ Hip 10094 have left Khun + We are know pushing for expansion in Jarildekald +++

+++ war in KS-T II is still active till tonight 23:30, but CZ are in cease-fire due to investment +++ till tonight only BOUNTIES help the CANONN +++ go bountyhunting at JARILDEKALDS comp nav beacon or res, and only redeem CANONN bounties! +++ save your Exploration-Data for tomorrow! +++

+++ Influence-Control +++
+ if you don't do bountyhunting, you can still help:

The following systems should be pushed BELOW 75% influence of Canonn before Wednesday, to ensure we expand from Jarildekald to Khun next. Listed by priority:

HIP 2293
Ix Chodharr
Cauan Tzu
Col 285 Sector IX-T d3-43

+ run missions for any other faction than Canonn in those systems, redeem all other factions bounties, and smuggle to Canonn ports!

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