AXI Corvette Repair Limpet Build

AXI Corvette Repair Limpet Build

The Federal Corvette is quite maneuverable among large ships.  It also sports the largest power distributor of all commercially available ships, which allows it to sustain a high AX DPS while keeping its heat profile relatively low.  Given its high defensive capabilities, the Federal Corvette is among the best ships to take down an interceptor in a short period of time.  This is a variant that sacrifices some hull for ability to repair.

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Please note the Shield Generator can be swapped for a Prismatic Shield Generator.  You can replace shield boosters with a shutdown field neutralizer or xeno scanner. A xeno scanner is functionally a waste of slot in solo fights, but it is advisable to have at least one person bring a scanner in wings.

Note that power priorities should be set accordingly to your specific chosen module configuration

Federal Corvette Wireframe with permission from Anthony Hunt –

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