Eagle Eye Report Week 10 – 10/05/3304

Eagle Eye Report Week 10 – 10/05/3304

==+ NoSecrets v2.1.3 Log. License expires 17th Feb 3305. THANKS FOR UPGRADING +==
==+ [1041745480075058158] > Packet snoop established. P2P GUDP Packet identified. +==
==+ [1041745480075058175] > qTLS Tap OK, Auth: Mutual. Eve (v1.2.7701) is in the house +==
From: [Councillor Starbeaver (Canonn)|Thompson Dock|Varati]
To: [Overseer Gluttony Fang (AXI)|Arc's Faith|HR 1183]
Subject: Eagle Eye Report Week 10 - 10/05/3304

Eagle Eye Report and Summary of the previous week:

A very well deserved congratulations are in order for the successful defense of the Argestes & 63 G. Capricorni systems. However we must not rest.

Intelligence obtained from Eagle Eye this week shows the Argestes system and LTT 8517 have been targeted. Both Argestes and 63 G. Capricorni still have non human signals present.
Dalfur which is close by does have non human signals. We Believe that LTT 8517 and Dalfur are the targets this week for defense.
Again the support mega ships flown by AEGIS are in different systems. Aongi and Vanir (neither of which have been decoded from EE)

The other targets given to us by EE were decoded and have shown that 2 barnacle forests, and a crashed Thargoid scout (Already known) and a further barnacle site which was not in the public record.

--CMDR Starbeaver--

Report Ends…..

==+ [1041745480075058259] > qTLS Tap Dropped. Eve (v1.2.7701) has left the building +==
==+ [1041745480075058259] > End of P2P GUDP Packet +==

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