Eagle Eye Report Week 19 – 12/07/3304

Eagle Eye Report Week 19 – 12/07/3304

==+ NoSecrets v2.1.3 Log. License expires 17th Feb 3305. THANKS FOR UPGRADING +==
 ==+ [1041745480075058158] > Packet snoop established. P2P GUDP Packet identified. +==
 ==+ [1041745480075058175] > qTLS Tap OK, Auth: Mutual. Eve (v1.2.7701) is in the house +==
 From: [Starbeaver (Canonn)|Thompson Dock|Varati]
 To: [Overseer Gluttony Fang (AXI)|Arc's Faith|HR 1183]
 Subject: Eagle Eye Report Week 19 - 12/07/3304

Unfortunately this week the Tembala system was attacked. This is in part due to the new classes of vessels we have been encountering.

Eagle Eye reports that HIP 44811 & Wolf 636 have been targeted by the Thargoids. HIP 44811 has low organic traffic so it could possibly do with more support. 

The Aegis Megaships (Vanguard and Acropolis) are located in HIP 44811 at 50,730ls from starfall and Wolf 636 at 857ls from starfall respectively. 

CMDR Starbeaver

Report ends.....

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