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Get your filthy grubby little mitts on the Canonn merchandise you’ve all been waiting for. We got Tees, Hoodies, Badges (we DO need these steeenkin’ badges), we got Hats and we got Mugs. We got ’em in different colours, we got ’em in different styles. Don’t know what to get grandma for her birthday? Get her a Canonn hoodie! Stumped for a romantic gift for that cherished loved one? Well, a nice set of badges will take care of that. Need to gift up your boss to secure that promotion? They’ll LOVE a Canonn baseball cap. And don’t leave yourself out – just buy 2 of everything.

Free Wallpapers!

UA in beaker

UA (Thargoid Sensor) and beaker modelled from scratch, and rendered photo-realistically by Cmdr KrayKray.

Get Shopping!

Alternatively, if you’d just like to donate a little towards the running costs of the group, visit out donations page.