Event: Canonn Caravan – 25th -27th August

Event: Canonn Caravan – 25th -27th August


Back in my day, we had to walk to Arcanonn’s office. Uphill.. both ways.. without shoes or atmosphere.”

You’ve all heard how it was back in the day. Credits were hard to come by and life was hard. Well now is your chance to join Canonn members to relive those days with the Canonn Caravan.

From Friday 25th to Sunday 27th of August, we’ll be having a good old rares route posted, with a flight schedule.

Basic idea is that the route starts 16:00 server time on each day and it’s cut up in 1 hour segments. Each segment contains 8-9 stops and 5-10 minutes to chill (or catch up if you got held up). To join, just check the schedule where the caravan is when you’re able to play and go to there. The whole route is about 8 hours long so I reckon that not many will do it in one sitting anyway. You can do this in Open, Private group or Solo. And in any platform. After all, it’s just trading.

This is more of an social even than gaining credits. Filling out your friends list is the best outcome 🙂

Around 140 cargo space should be good if you don’t want to miss any profits. There’s 2 Outposts in the route, so bigger ships will have to just skip those stops. Also 2 systems are going to be permit locked (Shinrarta Dezhra and Vega), so if you don’t have the permits, just skip them.

If you don’t want to fly a trade ship but want to just hang out with other Canonneers, there’s always room for escorts. And as for those who are now interested in robbing our traders: “Do not just murder everyone ’cause they’re easy targets. Get some cargo instead.

P.S. Don’t worry about the timezones. Route is scheduled twice in a row so most timezones are taken in account.

Rare Goods Route and Schedule

16:00 and 00:3039 TauriPortaTauri Chimes*
FujinFuten SpaceportFujin Tea
WitchhaulHornby TerminalWitchhaul Kobe Beef
Momus ReachTartarus PointMomus Bog Spaniel
HIP 10175Stefanyshyn-piper St.HIP 10175 Bush Meat
NgunaBiggle HubNguna Modern AntiquesTauri Chimes
Fujin Tea
Altairian Skin
Vega Slimeweed
Indi Bourbon
Pantaa Prayer Sticks
Zeessze Ant Grub Glue
Bast Snake Skin
Damna Carapaces
KachiriginNowak OrbitalKachirigin Filter Leeches
KamorinGodwin VisionKamorin Historic Weapons*Witchhaul Kobe Beef
Momus Bog Spaniel
Thrutis Cream
HIP 10175 Bush Meat
Tanmark Tranquil Tea
Onion Head*
Lucan Onion Head*
VanayequiClauss HubVanayequi Ceratomorpha FurNguna Modern Antiques
Live Hecate Sea Worms
17:00 and 01:30KinagoFozard RingKinago ViolinsKachirigin Filter Leeches
Tarach Spice*
EleuFinney DockEleu Thermals
HelvetitjFriend OrbitalHelvetitj PearlsKamorin Historic Weapons*
HeikeBrunel CityCeremonial Heike Tea
KaretiiSinclair Platform
Karetii Couture
OchoengRoddenberry GatewayOchoeng ChilliesKinago Violins
Eleu Thermals
Helvetitj Pearls
EsusekuSavinykh OrbitalEsuseku Caviar
KonggaLaplace RingKongga AleVanayequi Ceratomorpha Fur
18:00 and 02:30RajukruSnyder TerminalRajukru Multi-StovesOchoeng Chillies
AlacarakmoWeyl GatewayAlacarakmo Skin ArtCeremonial Heike Tea
Karetii Couture
Esuseku Caviar
VolkhabVernadsky DockVolkhab Bee DronesKongga Ale
Rajukru Multi-Stoves
RusaniFernandes MarketRusani Old Smokey*
EthgrezeBloch StationEthgreze Tea Buds
EraninAzaban CityEranin Pearl Whiskey*Alacarakmo Skin Art
Volkhab Bee Drones
AZ CancriFisher StationAZ Cancri Formula 42
NeritusToll Ring
Neritus Berries
19:00 and 03:30DeuringasShukor HubDeringas TrufflesEthgreze Tea Buds
Eranin Pearl Whiskey*
AroucaShipton OrbitalArouca Conventual Sweets
Any NaLibby OrbitalAny Na CoffeeRusani Old Smokey*
ToxandjiTsunenaga OrbitalToxandji VirocideAZ Cancri Formula 42
SanumaDunyach GatewaySanuma Decorative MeatNeritus Berries
ZaonceRidley ScottLeathery Eggs
LaveLave StationLavian Brandy
LeestiGeorge LucasLeestian Evil Juice*
Azure Milk
DisoShifnalportDiso Ma Corn
20:00 and 04:30UszaaGuest InstallationUszaian Tree Grub
OrrereSharon Lee Free MarketOrrerian Vicious Brew
Shinrarta Dezhra
Jameson MemorialWaters of Shinrarta
CD-75 661Kirk DockCD-75 Kitten Brand Coffee
Baltah'sineBaltah'sine StationBaltah'sine Vaccum KrillSanuma Decorative Meat
HR 7221Veron CityHR 7221 WheatDeuringas Truffles
PhiagreGreeboski's OutpostGiant Verrix
CoquimHirayama InstallationCoquim Spongyform VictualsToxandji Virocide
Leathery Eggs
Lavian Brandy
Leestian Evil Juice*
Azure Milk
Diso Ma Corn
Uszaian Tree Grub
Orrerian Vicious Brew
21:00 and 05:30Delta PhoenicisTrading PostDelta Phoenicis PalmsAny Na Coffee
Waters of Shinrarta
Yaso KondiWheeler MarketYaso Kondi LeafArouca Conventual Sweets
CD-75 Kitten Brand Coffee
Baltah'sine Vaccum Krill
HR 7221 Wheat
KamitraHammel TerminalKamitra Cigars
Wuthielo KuTarter DockWuthielo Ku Froth
Rapa BaoFlagg GatewayRapa Bao Snake Skins
EshuShajn TerminalEshu UmbrellasGiant Verrix
Coquim Spongyform Victuals
GomanGustav Sporer PortGoman Yaupon Coffee
Karsuki TiWest MarketKarsuki LocustsKamitra Cigars
Yaso Kondi Leaf
22:00 and 06:30IrukamaBlaauw CityGiant Irukama SnailsEshu Umbrellas
JarouaMccool CityJaroua Rice
AerialAndrade LegacyEden Apples of Aerial
BelalansBoscovich RingBelalan Ray LeatherKarsuki Locusts
QuechuaCrown RingAlbino Quechua Mammoth MeatGiant Irukama Snails
UtgaroarFort KlarixUtgaroar Millenial EggsGoman Yaupon Coffee
Jaroua Rice
Tarach TorTranquilityTarach Spice*
TanmarkCassie-L-PeiaTanmark Tranquil Tea
Lucan Onion Head*
KappafornacisHarvestportOnion Head*
23:00 and 07:30Chi EridaniSteve Masters StationChi Eridani Marine Paste
TiolceGordon TerminalTiolce Waste 2 PasteRapa Bao Snake Skins
XiheZhen DockXihe Biomorphic CompanionsBelalan Ray Leather
Wuthielo Ku Froth
Taylor CityVega Slimeweed
AltairSolo OrbiterAltairian SkinDelta Phoenicis Palms
Eden Apples of Aerial
Epsilon IndiMansfield OrbiterIndi Bourbon
George PantazisZamka PlatformPantaa Prayer Sticks
ZeesszeNicollier HangarZeessze Ant Grub Glue
BastHart StationBast Snake GinAlbino Quechua Mammoth Meat
HecateRJH1972Live Hecate Sea Worms
ThrutisKingsbury DockThrutis Cream
DamnaNemere MarketDamna CarapacesUtgaroar Millenial Eggs
Chi Eridani Marine Paste
Tiolce Waste 2 Paste
Xihe Biomorphic Companions

Note those marked with an asterisk * are illegal in some systems

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