Canonn Continues to Grow

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Canonn Continues to Grow


Approved memberships goes past 5,000!

Approved Members
We are hugely pleased to announce that Canonn Research hit a new milestone in its continued growth, while going past the 5.000 approved member mark.
The Canonn Council wishes to thank all our members old and new, with special appreciation due for the amazing work of our Boffins and all who help in keeping our codex updated, cataloguing recent discoveries, scouring for new discoveries, working to decipher the weekly Eagle Eye broadcasts and providing intelligence on the Thargoid advance, shepherding our data and developing new tools for its collection to the benefit of all pilots federation members, for staging the occasional great event, and for winging up and working together.

Together Canonn Research has achieved so much. I do not know what tomorrow will bring, but what I can say for sure is that we are stronger today than yesterday. May this be true for many days to come.

The council remains, as ever, in your debt.

Dr. ArcanonnCanonn Research Council

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