Canonn Expands into Khun

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Canonn Expands into Khun

Faction BGS, News

The Canonn minor faction have been successful in expanding into Khun – the Engineer Elvira Martuuk’s home system.

We are proud to bring you this report from the desk of Cmdr Goemon, Faction Progenitor.

+++ the CANONN minor faction has expanded to KHUN, Elvira Martuuk’s homesystem +++

When Councillor Patau82 originally came up with the idea to expand to an engineer system, and martuuk was the closest 65 ly from varati, we guesstimated it a mid-term goal, which would need 3-4 months of hard BackGroundSimulation-efforts. it finally took us almost a year…

The BGS isn’t and shouldn’t be the CANONN’s focus, but directed expansions are regarded the most advanced BGS-game and we made it finally - today!

During this time we learned a ton on states like expansion and retreat, on the most subtle mechanics of influencing, we made mistakes, we learned from them, we got unlucky, we got lucky, and in the CANONN group's spirit we are sharing all our findings with others players and groups.

Khun will be an outstanding part of the group's lore, as well as a billboard and bragging rights. But it is truly an achievement of a group’s effort.

Whether you helped with exploration data, mined ore, mission running, or combat bonds, whether you helped once, or on the regular - without you and literally hundreds of commanders this would never have happened.

As 2.4. needs even more science, we will pace a more casual approach on the Discord BGS #mission_channel in the upcoming month, but we will make sure that any scientists always finds a nice place almost like home for leisure activities like smuggling, bountyhunting or base assaults. 

The general public in CANONN space asks for science and biscuits... let's find us some labspace!

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