Canonnball Run 3

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Canonnball Run 3


Third time’s a charm, right?

Canonnball run is launching for the third time this December 1st. New puzzles, new locations and lot’s of whisky (unless you’re not allowed to have any). Who will come on top this time?

How’s the thing going to work?

Like last time, we’re going to post a puzzle on discord each day at 20:00 Server time. There’s going to be 10 puzzles and after the last one has been posted, there will be 2 days to submit last answers. To submit your answer, take a screenshot when you reach the target (and have done what is needed) and send it as PM to Canonnball staff members within 10minutes after you’ve taken it. Timelimit for sending it is to make sure you can’t cheat with photoshop or anything. When you submit your answer, we’ll only respond “yes” or “no”, no hints will be given if you’re close or not.

First 10 to submit correct answers will receive points F1 style, which after the last puzzle will determinate who is the winner. Even if you don’t make it to top 10, it might still be worth finishing them.

As for team play, you can do that (mostly cause we can’t stop it), but like last time it’s not designed for it. But if you still go for team, please announce who are in your team from the start. Teams will be treated just like a single person in points/rankings. And while you can play as team.. greatest Canonnballers have always been lone wolves.

This event will be available on all platforms as long as you can provide screenshots.. You can take a picture of your screen with cellphone too as long as it’s clear enough.

If you need more details, just ask on discord.

Canonnball run 3 Photoshoot

Additionally, we’re having a “best screenshot” contest aswell during the event. Take nice pictures about the locations in the event and post them to discord (we’ll tell you where) after the last puzzle. People can vote for pictures by using “reactions” and which picture gets the most, wins.


No competition wouldn’t be complete without some prizes, so here they are:
Winner will get a paintjob, shipkit and engine or weapon colour of his/her choosing
2nd place finisher will get a paintjob and detailing colour
3rd place finisher will get a paintjob

Person who wins the photoshoot, will receive a paintjob of his/her choosing

Paintjobs can be swapped for CMDR custom items as they’re pretty much the same price
Additionally, top 5 Canonnballers will receive 3d printed Canonn and 6-10th place finishers will receive a Canonn sticker set from CMDR Delmonte.


How do I join the Canonnball run 3?

Just be on discord during the event. No need to sign up before hand. Doesn’t matter if you’re late. You can skip a day a day or two and still do well..

What do I need to compete?

You need Horizons and ability to send screenshots about your game to us. Screenshots should be good enough quality to show your location info and game time. Also basic windows/mac/linux functions are very nice to have with you, but not required. Web browser will help you out quite a bit too. Also, there’s all kinds of handy tools made by Canonn members that you can use.

What kind of ship should I have?

Any ship you feel confident flying with is ok.  SRV and fuelscoop are required. As for jump range, higher is always better when you’re racing. But as long as you can just make it to the locations, it’ll be good. And do not worry, locations aren’t too far from sol.

Canonnball 3 staff:

Clarion-Z, Darwin, Starbeaver, Dutchfoster, Delmonte

We’ll update this post when more details are available, such as prizes.

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